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I am so sorry that this took me forever to post. But here it is my first post of the New Year!!!
I must put a warning out though....this story gets dirty.....and long

Ok now that I placed the warnings you can continue. I hope you enjoy this..... Also side Note

*If i offended anyone please let me know I am multi-fandom and I dont mean to hurt any other fans. *

When the day started Belle was called to the office. She had a conversation with Bang pdnim. Then she went to find Eliza. She needed a distraction. As she rounded the corner she ran face to face with Kookie. She smiled. "What are you doing?" Belle asked "I'm going to the practice room. Aren't you going there too?" Kookie asked. "No, I have to go do something so I'm not practicing today." "Oh ok I'll talk to you later then." He said and started to walk away. "Wait!" Belle called out to him. "Hmm?" Without thinking Belle hugged him. He hesitated for a second then hugged her back. "Whats wrong?" He whispered. "I just really needed a hug." "Well I'm always available for hugs." He laughed. "You smell good." "Yeah not for long." With that Belle laughed. "True, well you go. Thank you for the hug. Ill see you later." "Hey lets go out tonight, we can go to the arcade and have fun." Kookie suggested. "That be fun. Text me when your done practicing" she said and they then went there seperate ways. Belle was still on a hunt for Eliza. She had so many things going through her head. After several minutes Belle found Eliza. "Eliza!" "Belle! Why aren't you practicing?" It was an easy lie to Kookie but now what was she going to tell her friend. " didn't want to go today. I feel sick so I talked to pdnim and he didnt want me around the guys." "Go home you sicko." "Its not like that, I just have an upset stomach." "Oh well, let me finish this and well go get some soup and hangout at your place. After what felt like forever Eliza and Belle headed to Belle's place. They started off with just eating and talking about nothing. "Oh I have this new game!" Eliza said pulling out a card game. "Dirty Minds?" Belle questioned. "Yeah! So they are items you have to guess with the clues. And the hints are simple." Eliza explained "Sooo...where does the dirty Minds comes from?" "Ok Ill show you." "Ok but I have a game too....called would you rather." "Ok after I give you a sample well play that." "Ok sounds good" "Alright...Here we go." "Why do you look like its going to be really dirty." Belle asked Eliza laughed "If im big enough you'll feel me inside." "WAIT WHAT!?!?!" Belle was confused. Eliza laughed. "It can sometimes hurt when I come in your ear." "Why would you cum in my ear?" Eliza couldn't control her fits of giggles. "That is not a place you want something stuck." Belle continued "Its the aliens. You remember that conversation." "Right, right, right. I almost forgot about that. Ugh the aliens. Ok probe...they probe me." Belle giggles. "Nope, if I'm really big the neighbors might complain." "Dog." "Nope, hard banging can make me harder." "A hole? Music? Head banging?" "Close." "Sex?" " make a lot of it when we're doing it on the bed." "Screams?" Belle queitly said not sure what it is that is on the card. "No." "Killing?" "What do sex and neighbors, yelling and loud music all have in common?" Eliza asked "Oh policeman!" "Haha well damn! You got a policeman while you're doing it on the bed. Are they observing?" "Noise complaint.....noise." "Ding ding ding. You got it correct!!!" Eliza laughed "Wow I see what you mean there. We adults have dirty minds." "Yup!" "Ok lets play that another time with the guys. It be so much fun." "Sounds like a good idea!" Eliza said and put the cards she had away. "Ok now on to would you rather." Belle said grabbing her set of cards. "Me first!" Eliza grabbed a card. "Would you rather have self tanning skin or self washing hair?" "Self washing hair. That would be so much easier I would not take a shower I'm kidding." Belle laughed. "If my hair looks I'd smell bad and I cant handle that. Did you hear about the celebrity that only takes a shower once a month. Ugh i don't know how he or she could handle that smell after two days I cant handle the smell. Now if I'm not feeling good I wont do it I'll wait four days but thats the longest I've ever gone was four days." "Im sorry the longest I've gone is a week." Eliza Chimed in. "Really! Oh that doesnt make me feel bad then." The two laugh. "Four days doesn't make you feel bad, you're like no I'm being relaistic now it's been 6" "Nah if I'm being realistice its been 2 weeks." The two laughed and started shuffling through the cards to find some more good questions to ask each other. For several minutes everything was clean and the two where having fun. Belle completely forgot about her plans with Kookie. She didnt even notice the missed calls and texts from him. "Would you rather relax in a jaquzi…" Eliza started "With Jungkook" Belle interupted "you gotta add some names in there dude" Belle laughed "Ok would you rather relax in a jaquzi of Jimins saliva…" "Oh" Belle's face of disgust made Eliza start laughing "Or! Have diarrhea in a gravity free chamber with Jungkook." Eliza laughed out the rest of her sentence. "EW" Belle exlaimed. After a second she recollected her self "Jimins saliva. Hell no! I don’t want Jungkook seeing that crap literally. Wait is it coming out of me? Or its just already out there?" Eliza continues to laugh as she tried to form a sentence. "Ill stick with saliva from Jimin, I mean his mouth is pretty clean." The two calmed down for a second. "Hmm. Ok would you rather fight to the death 50 remote control airplanes or 1000 hamsters?" Belle snorted at the question. "Watches?" "No would you rather fight to the death against 50 remote control airplanes or 1000 hamsters." "Then remote planes." Belle answered calmly. They didn’t discuss that question any longer and Eliza moved on to the next question. "Would you rather be able to replay Kookies funniest experiences in super slow mode or be able to cancel all concept of time?" Belle sat for a second thinking her answer through. "So like I wouldn’t know it was 9pm right now? So continue to go through a day not knowing the time?: "yup" eliza nodded "oh Jungkook, I could watch him in slow mooooooooooooo….deeeeeeee" Belle slowed down the way she was talking to add an effect to the sentence. " that would take a really long time." The two girls go quiet for a few seconds and watch the drama that is on the tv. "Oh my gosh he's not going to do it is he! Nooo he likes the other girl!" Belle screamed As the girls watched a scene play out they sat queityly…. Then there was a change in seen. "This guy is a good con artist." Belle said really getting into the drama. "He's such an asshole!" Eliza said getting sucked into the drama too. "Ok you know what, My turn!" Belle started sifting through the cards trying to find a good set to ask Eliza. While Belle went through Eliza watched the drama on the screen unfold as she laughed at something. "Would you rather live in a world where the moon gives off light like a disco ball, or Jhope was a different emotion reflecting the weather?" Belle asked "I don’t understand?" "So if the weather is rainy and gloomy then he would be gloomy. And if it is really nice out he'd be like EEEEEEEEEE. If its terrifying he'd be scarying people " " I'm gonna go with the moon, cause I don’t want him to be sad or depressed…or scare people….actually no I would enjoy that very much, I just don’t want him sad and depressed." "Ok next one would you rather have toast with Suga or play scrabble with Jimin?" "Have toast with Suga or play scrabble with Jimin?" Eliza reoeated the question. "Uh huh" "Play scrabble with Jimin." She quickly answered. "Would you rather swallow….." Bella started but was interupted by Eliza "Namjoon whole." Eliza started laughing as did Belle. "No would you rather swallow a dozen meals from Jin… so eat 12 meals that Jin made in a row, or cut off your lip…" Belle was interupted by Eliza again. "ohh!" "Hold on I'm not finished. Cut off your lip WITH Jimin's sharp jaw line!" Belle laugh "What?!?!" "Cut your lip on Jimins jaw bone." Belle laughed. "Yeah I'll do that one, I cant eat 12 meals! That’s why I'm like I have to cut off my lip cause I cant eat 12 meals." Eliza pouted. Both the girls bust up laughing "What was the real question?" Eliza asked after she stopped laughing. "Here." Belle held out the card. "Swallow a dozen thumbtacs or cut off your lower lip with a pair of rusty siccisors." "Yeah… that’s why I changed it." "Yeah makes sense." "Would you rather have Jimin catch you picking your nose or fall down in front of Jhope" Eliza asked Belle. "Fall down in front of Jhope" Eliza laughs "That’s less embarrasing and its expected to happen" Belle smiled "Would you rather have the vocal ability of Jungkook or have control over BTS's board of directors?" "Who the hell is the board of directors?" Belle asked "I don't know I just went with that.. Ok have control over BTS's agency." "That means I can see the guys whenever." Belle pondered " you're picking that one…oh you control what they do." "and who." Belle said and then within the next second added. "No you can't chose that’s just mean." Belle grabbed another card. "Would you rather marry a rich shallow investment banker or a poor brillent artist named Suga!" Belle asked "Oh…. Id just like to stay in bed all day." "ooo kinky." The two laugh "I'm sorry. Ok how bout this I marry the rich dude and have an affair with the artist." Eliza laughs "No you can not do both you have to choose." "Is he hot at least?" "I don’t know it doesn’t say hot it just says rich shallow investment banker, he is shallow so he probably is hot." "I'm going with the hot dude." "ooo. I would pick Suga. I'd rather be happy with someone over money. If they are poor I don’t care that makes you shallow cuz you just want the money." "And hes hot." Eliza interjected "Suga is hot! Fuck you!" Belle squealed "Oh I know he is." Eliza smirked "He's a brilliant hot sexy manly man artist. You bitch." Bella trying to be serious. But Eliza just moved on. "Would you rather have Kookie be a ninja turtle or Jimin be a transformer?" Eliza asked "oooo. Transformers like the car thing or… like those transformers..... I mean those are the only transformers around." "SO you could ride around in Jimin." Eliza emphasized ride and giggled. Belle laughed "Which ninja turtle is Kookie? Does it say?" Belle was really thinking about this answer. "Nope" "Which one would he be?" Belle asked while tapping her chin. "Leo." "Why? I think he'd be like Michaelangelo. Hes funny. Hmmm" Belle made a funny noise "and he likes pizza so he would be Michaelangelo. Hmm…. Does it say which year? The older ones are cool the newer ones are creepy as fuck. " "It doesn’t matter." Eliza said laughing at her friend who was going in depth to get her answer. "I'm sorry Kookie I'm going with Jimin cause I can ride in him all day." "You really had to debate that whole thing out." Eliza tried to keep her giggle in. "You know if the guys were here playing with us they would be like is that really what the card says. And we'd be like nooo" Belle laughed "We are just making it more interesting." Eliza responded "Ooooh I have another one!" Eliza said "Ok go for it." "Would you rather have to share a table at a resturant with loud unruley exo. Or..." "but exo isnt unruley. EXO-ls" "Ok fine exo-ls" "cause fans are easier to be loud and unruley." "or immediately become pregant if someone speaks about BTS." "FUCK!" Eliza laughs "now would I be pregnant with one of the members babies?" "no." "so some how through some magical voodoo shit I have a baby and I don’t know who the dad is." "yea." "Is the dad whoever spoke of BTS. So if BTS speaks about BTS it be there baby? Dude I would be pregnant every day, Id have the baby and then boom pregnant again. I'd be like fuck!" Belle started thinking about the whole idea. "Well once your pregnant you got 9 months to talk about BTS all you want cuz your already pregnant." "Yeah but then I'd be like no no no!" "Then you find out you have triplets." "I have 7 kids pop out of me cuz someone talked about BTS once. I'm going to say exo-ls." Eliza was dying of laughter at her friend. "I don’t want to be pregnant unless its by one of the guys of BTS. No thank you." "You get to share a table with exo-l's" "I will do that. I mean if you said exo I wouldn’t need the other part of that question." Belle laughed. "BTS, I talk about BTS all the time I'd get myself pregnant." Eliza busts up laughing. "I bet even if I look at them pregnant." Belle adds more. "I just looked at a picture and I got pregnant!" Eliza laughed "Oh my gosh I'd be like those one people that just look at the picture and like it’s a glare or something and then be like oh I'm pregnant off that." "Its your's." Eliza points in a direction. "Its whoever I was looking at the longest. Oh I'm sorry Kookie it's your baby." "Its jins baby." Eliza laughs "Its ooooh its namjoons baby." "Dude those pictures." Belle is looking at a card to give Eliza and she giggles to herself and even snorts. "Ok watch out now!" Belle said grabbing a card. "Try me." Eliza said taking a sip of her drink. "Would your rather absorb the memories of Namjoon when you touch him or absorb his bank account?" Belle asked "Oh that’s a hard one." " We are going to see how this works." "If I absorb his memories I can learn a crap load about him." "exactly." "But in the same breath, if he has ever liked anybody else or been with anybody else I would know that and I would see that. and I would be super freaking jealous." "Even if you’re the one who is with him now?" Belle asked "yes." "Just like he would be super jealous if he had the same thing you did." "mhm." "hed be super jealous of us right now." Both girls laugh. "I would find out about all his embarrasing moments and to remember him jacking off… that….." Belle started laughing. "And seeing how much porn he watches, I don’t want to see that…. And I don’t want to absorb his money…. But if we got married it be a joint account…. Oh I don’t want to sound shallow bitch…. Oh I'm going to absorb the money." "After you talked it out, that makes more sense to take the money over his memories." Belle spoke quietly. "Thanks." "Ok soooooo Story time!!! Who would you want to be your hostage negotiator. Tae or Jungkook? I was going to put Namjoon but that be too easy" Belle spoke. "I would have been fine with Jin he could bore them to death with his dad jokes." Eliza laughed "You have to think about this because your life depends on it you could end up dead because they did it wrong." "V " Eliza answered quickly "Ok " "Do I win? Do I get out or do I die?" "Sadly you die." "Dammit" "So what happened V failed and it didn’t matter whoever you picked was going to fail. But because they failed to get you out of your hostage situation you will be given the option to have your mouth be a tape dispenser or your nose becomes a bottle opener? Which would you rather have it be?" Belle asked with a smile. "Can you repeat that?" Eliza asked "So your hostage negotiater V fucked up some how so you are screwed and stuck there forever as a hostage. So now the person who is holding you hostage says you get to pick between 2 things do you want your mouth to be a tape dispenser or your nose to be a bottle opener for him." "You're not sticking anything but a bottle up there?" Eliza asked while laughing "Just bottles to open." "So bottle opener" Eliza answered. "Then because you failed at being a bottle opener he's like that’s it you suck this is the worst hostage to keep he's going to let you go but you have to pick one of the other hostages to date and save." "I have to date a hostage to get out? Is Namjoon one of those hostages?" Eliza asked "Hold on... so you have to pick between these two and whoever you pick you get to leave with. Cuz who you pick means they have low standards cuz you suck at being a bottle opener. So your choices are" Belle continued "I'm kinda glad I suck at being a bottle opener cause I get to leave and I get to date one of these guys, but who are they cuz I have a feeling...." Belle interupts Elize "Jhope or Suga?" "God nammit" Belle laughed "I want suga but...." "Who do you want to escape with you Sunshine or lazy pants? Belle asks "I know! In our game of zombie's Jhope came out a winner." "he died" "no the first time" "right the second time he was taken out right away and Suga was wise and questioned what you were up to. so who do you pick" Belle got back on topic. "Jhope" Eliza answered "So you and Jhope escape and the bomb goes off." "You know what V it's your fault you failed at your job you killed your friend." "That’s ok Namjoon and Jin were out. Funny thing even if you had said Jungkook he was going to fail too." "I know" Eliza laughed "Ok my turn to tell a story." Eliza said clapping her hands together. "Ok let me have it." Belle smiled. "Oh heres a good one. Would you rather control EXO L werewolves or army vampires?" "Well I wanna be vampires cause…. Am I a human during this whole thing?" Belle was acting like a child as she talked. She didn’t want to pick. "Yes." Eliza laughed at her friend " But you are in control of them?" "Both of them?" "No one of them…. Hey wait I already used BTS in a question so no I'm going to change that." "But I thought I was in control of the Exo-l's?" Belle whined "What is got7's fandom?" "ahgase" Belle answered "I guesses? "Igot7s" "Oh ok so its going to be the Exo-L werewolves or…" Eliza paused for a moment "Lets see what you get out of Igot7…what are you going to get out of there fandom? Birds." The two bust up laughing. "Or BTS vampires." Eliza finsihed "Wait I cant keep controlling all of them first I control exo-ls then they turn to werewolves. "Fine which one would you liked to be killed by." Eliza laughs evily. "If I control them they wont kill me. Your story is falling apart." "I know. It really is I fail." Belle took the card from her friend and read over the questions on the card. "so you should have said would you have your exo-ls fight off werewolves or vampires. And I would say werewolves, and then after you win would you eat 14 sticks of butter or michael jacksons face. Id eat the butter. And then id die." "Ok…" "This is a good…… um what is it called." Belle said scratching her head. " creative writing lesson." Eliza spoke "Yes!" "Ok I got this. Your partner is Kookie." "Am I a detective?" "No." "Police officer?" "Nope. Would you want your partner to be a cartoon character or a claymation character." "Cartoon. Depressing enough that my partner is a cartoon." "Your sexual partner.." Eliza laughed. "I just drew him as a cartoon he's from my imagination." "Is your cartoon going to paraphrase really well or be good at taking existing words and repeating there meanings but in different words?" "That sounds like Namjoon." Belle thought "Nope its Kookie now." "Ok, paraphrasing." "So you have a cartoon character who paraphrases well. Ok then, So your cartoon character who paraphrases really well he is going to always appear as an image of the three stooges in all photos. So hell look like a dumby in all his photos, or he will have perminate cheeto residue anytime he touches your body." "What doe?" Belle asked not hearing correctly "Cheetos." "Oh…. That makes more sense. I could live with the cheetos fingers." Belle laughed. "Ok, now would you rather have the ability to talk clearly while dentist's work on your mouth or permision to talk dirty in front of BTS?" Eliza asked "I don’t want them to know how dirty we are." Belle tried to act innocent. "It hasn’t been that super dirty yet."Eliza spoke "We can get dirtier." Belle smiled "I think it would be uncomfortable… now if they are talking dirty too then yeah I'd be fine with it." Eliza smirked "Why is this so hard! I don’t want them to think that we are all about sex, cuz that’s how dirty minded they are, no we just have dirty minds. Doesn’t mean we want to hanky panky with you all the time." Belle tried to be reasonable. "We do" "But it doesn’t mean that.. I do that to everyone… talk dirty to me…. Oh talk dirty to BTS. "Now that being said" "Uh oh" Belle was going to regret what she said. "Would you rather have Jungkook have a 4 inch long 6 inch diameter dick." Eliza spoke. "That wouldn’t fit! Eliza died laughing "Or! Jimin…" Eliza keeps laughing trying to find a way to make it dirty. "have an 8 inch long and half inch diameter dick." Eliza continued to laugh as her friend struggled to come up with a logical answer for this question. "hes gonna be like that big" eliza holds her hands out to show how long Kookie would be. "But Jimin would be like this big" she moves her hands to show the size. The girls were laughing and trying to make words come out but as they both tried to talk they just laughed. "That’s why I'm like.. Uh…" Belle was doing hand jestures as Eliza laughed "who can fit." she laughs "He'd be really thick but short, that wont work. I'll have to go with Jimin. Because although its very thin its longer and it'll hit the spot." both Eliza and Belle are falling over laughing. "Although I'm telling you Jimin is not that thin." Eliza laughs "He is a lot thicker and longer.. Well not longer than those inches, if he was he'd be revealing that all day." Belle commented " oh ." Eliza said and pointed towards the door way. There standing was the guys of BTS "Hi." The two laughed at there faces. "how long do you think I am?" Jimin asked " I don’t know she said 8 inches." Belle said pointing at Eliza "well technically it says you have an 8 inch long nose and have an inch diamerter." Eliza stated "What are you doing here? Is my nose going in there." He pointed to his lower region. "I replaced nose with dick" Eliza laughed "If you said nose I would have gone with the bigger nose not longer, I don’t want to get smacked in the face." Belle answered "you think my nose is that big?" Jimin asked "no it’s a card sweetie." Eliza said patty his shoulder. "Ahh." "Now how did you guys get into my apartment?" Belle asked "Suga still had your key from the last time he was here." Namjoon answered. "Ahh ok." Belle said and the guys made themselves at home.
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I just skimmed the it cause I wanted to get to the dirty part 😈😈😈 and I died laughing, I’m actually crying from laughing so hard. I will start reading this fanfic tho, I have one of the earlier cards clipped
@SerenaArthurs yeah....true story these are actual events that happened between me and @sweetduella
How funny. Multifandom too, and it didnt bother me
ok lol. as I was writing it out I didn't know how it was going to come off. Im glad you liked it.