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eveyone but Natsu: Happy New Year's!!!!!!!
Lucy: Happy New Year's u guys >w<
Happy: ppfffttt...hahahahaha XD *laughs his ass off*
Natsu: 0.0? What!?!!? ^w^
lucy: *is giggling* mmmm...nothing just ignore him ^u^ *pats natsu's head*
Natsu: ^//w//^ Okay!
Gray: Ay Natsu!!!....Really?!!!
Natsu: What?!! popsicle! >.>
Gray: Really?!....u Flame brain! ur an idiot some times...<.<
Natsu: What!!! *has flames on his hands* tell me already!!! *starts running to gray*
Gray: ohhhh?....I see! *starts to strip with a smirk* im down to knock some knowledge into u
Juvia: β™‘wβ™‘ ahh!!! gray darling! I'm cheering for u >///< natsu u got nothing on gray!
pantherlilly: *in charge of the bets*
Happy: I bet 2 fish on Natsu and 2 fish on Gray on
Carla: why on earth are these two fighting where suppose to be celebrating that it's a new year -_-
Wendy: yeah....but if u think about's the first fight of the year XD
Carla: I guess....and happy why bet against natsu -_-;
Happy: cause I'll end up with 2 more fish if I win the bet ^~^
Gajeel: I bet gray is going to win *has a smirk* hey gray if u don't beat him I'm willing to beat the flames out of him *has a devilishly smirk*
Levy: might be an even match, Gajeel....they are both strong ^u^;
Gajeel: they are not stronger then me >_< I'll take both of them on!
Gray: shut it metal brain
Natsu: oooo~ I'm willing to beat both of ya right now! *has a cocky smile*
Gray: stay out of it Gajeel ●_●! I don't need help to beat fire breathe!
Lucy: *puts her hand on her face* this won't end well....-.-
Erza: ahh...*put one hand on Lucy's shoulder* let them enjoy themselves *goes and gets 2 slice of cake and gives one to lucy*
Lucy: thanks Erza ^~^
Natsu and Gray: *start to fight each other and it gets intense real quick*
Erza: *is enjoying a slice of strawberry cake while watching the fight*
Natsu and gray: *while they still fighting one of gray's attack miss natsu*
Natsu: hahahahaha....*is laughing* is that all u got
Gray: x.x!
Natsu: what's with that face ice princess *has a smirk and looks at what gray is looking at* 0.0...x.x... ohhh....crap....dude apologize....Γ—.Γ— ahhh....we're dead
Lucy: ahhh! gray.... my slice of cake T-T
Natsu and Gray: crap! Γ—.Γ— *they try to escape punishment from Erza*
Erza: *is chasing Natsu and Gray* GET BACK HERE! U GUYS WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS!
ohhh....poor Natsu and Gray (^.^;") well Happy News Year's.....I mean Happy New Year's everyone >w<....I hope to make more friends/fam here ^~^....and honestly Imma miss 2017 cause I made some great friends and some of them that are close friends i consider them as family plus I had lots of fun compared to the other years....thanks for the great memories u guys, i hope to have more fun, make more cool memories, and find more friends and hope some of ya end up as a close friend XD
well till next time I'm out going to get some rest and finish up my drawing I was working on before the year ended T-T *sighs* why did I leave it for last min (>~<") *giggles* I always do this and for all I care it's unfixable (@~@;")
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happy new year have a wonderful awsome year πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜†
@joannakatsura thanks πŸ˜„ hope u also have an awesome year 😁