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If manga/anime or comics were a big part of your life, it has probably influenced you to make one however it is not as easy as it seems. And you've probably known this because you've done it at least once and failed. Making a comic takes dedication, patience and creativity and if these aren't the words that describe you then making comics may not be for you. Instead maybe bring a friend who can either draw or write because those are the two focused elements you will need when creating a comic.

First when it comes to digital comic, you will need the essential suppies. If you're comfortable or interested in digital drawing you will need:
- A drawing tablet (e.g wacom)
- A paint program (e.g medibang/firealpaca) [These programs are litterally the same but, they're free! Plus, theres a manga tool for panels]

(If you're comfortable with traditional drawing then you might need a device to transfer onto the computer).

1.Story/script: A web-comic would need to deliver a compelling story to if you want to keep the viewers interested. However, a story doesn't have to be completely off mind, you can take some references from real life for an authentic feel.

In the script you would have to write dialouge for each character. If you want to be more detailed, write what they're doing and which angle you are using BUT THIS PART IS OPTIONAL!
In the story, you would just write out the plot.

2. Character sheets: These are just important as the story/script it helps a consistant imagery on the characters (because re-choosing the colours would make it very awkward and poor quality). You don't have to draw EVERY character but just the mostly just the main or reoccuring characters. A simple tip is to keep the colours on the colour palette, but be careful incase you might mess it up!

2. Draft out the panels: If you didn't write your script and story properly, then it's good to draft out the panels, this way you know what you're actually doing instead of having to do a storyboard.

3. Draw, draw, draw!: Although, good drawing helps with the appeal of the comic, you don't have to be the best at drawing, remember they're just there to help the story.

Take the author of 'One punch man' as an example, he wasn't the greatest at drawing, however the plot was still good and got a remake and an anime!
Lesson: Doesn't have to be perfect!

4. Adding the dialouge
- Put all dialouge into capitals
- Circle text bubbles with a tail when a person is talking
- Merge two circle text bubbles if the dialouge is long
- Rectangle text boxes if narrating/invert the colours if thinking
- 'Bang'/pointy text bubbles/ if someone is yelling/screaming etc

5. Publishing
Render the images and make sure they are in order before you publish it to a platform (e.g webtoon, medibang)
If you want to take it a step further, publish it to an online comic contest like Shounen jump!

Things to consider:
- Page does not have to be HUGE (depending on the publisher platform you're using - find the suited or average size)
- Chapters don't have to be long
- Doesn't have to be coloured or b&w
- The content of your comic
- The audience it is aimed to

So that concludes my full guide on how to kick-start your web-comic with 5 easy steps! If you enjoyed, be sure to like, comment, follow for more content.