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Its been a few days since I posted the story, I hope this chapter entertains you!
Happy New year everyone !!!

Chapter 3 Go me! I just proved I could get close and Not get burned! I made it to the front counter before he caught up with me. Namjoon stood in line behind me silent, when i went up to the counter to pay for my book he followed. Right after my book was rung up he set his down and said he would take these as well. Astounded I stared, first at the books than at him. When he pulled money out I did too but he pushed my hands away and paid for the books. “you two have a good night” the lady said handing 2 bags of books to Namjoon. He handed me a bag in turn. “why'd you do that?” I asked when we got outside “because I could” he grinned “you did, here I'll pay you back” i made for my purse again. “No no I dont want your money” he grinned “What do you want?” I asked. “I could ask for a kiss” Namjoon chuckled. “But I don't think you would do it” he said. “so what else? A hug?” I teased “That would be nice, but I'm thinking just your number, or if you don't want to give me that an email address” he said. I rolled my eyes. He was really trying. I felt obligated to do something now. I made for my purse to get a pen. “No i won't take-” “ I was getting a pen, give me your hand “ I had a pen in hand and ready to write. He extended his hand and i wrote ‘ SunnySkys’ on it. “That's my kakao talk I dont check emails all that much” I told him “Sunny Skys, thats very fitting” Namjoon chuckled. I rolled my eyes. “question will be if i reply to you” i said making him laugh. “you will” he said it like a promise. “You think so?” I raised an eyebrow. “I think you will.” Namjoon grinned. I couldn't help but smile back. “I'll see you at the end of the month” I said and turned leaving him in front of the book store. I stayed up for another hour reading and waiting for a message, I never got one. I fell asleep with the phone next to my head  and woke up to its insistent ringing. I sprang up phone in hand. “I'm up Im up” I repeated answering the phone. The voice on the other end laughed “Oh good I didnt wake you” Bree said on the phone. “what time is it?” I asked sitting up in bed. “close to 9. Breakfast?” she asked. “Hmm coffee too?” I asked making a hmming noise. “Sure and you can fill me in on how you know a Bts member!” Her bark was loud and I had to pull my phone away from my ear. “What?” I was confused. “Oh come on Sunny, give me the dirt! He was at the book club, you must have known who he was!” Bree exclaimed “Oh that! No! Bo knows Namjoon, probably from work, you know how Bo goes around making a crapload of friends whenever he goes to a studio” I told her. “Sunny!” Bree said. “Have you seen him since than?” she asked. “lets meet for breakfast and we'll talk” I sighed rubbing my eyes. “Okay!, Cafe Le blue?” she asked. “How about Babeans Coffee” I suggested “Oh they have really good Baristas there! Okay, a half hour Sunny!” Bree said than hung up. I fell back on the bed and savored laying there for a minute before I thought about Coffee and a yogurt bowl that Babeans had. Getting ready took ten minutes, i threw on a skirt and blouse than made my way out. “Sunny!” Bree exclaimed when I opened the door to the coffee shop. She was running in behind me,  moving out of the way I let her through first since her momentum was driving her forward still She came to a halt shortly after entering and I followed. “I want a full freaking breakfast!” Bree said right away. “Of course you do” I chuckled “lets go order” I said. We spent maybe 5 minutes in line and ordering a banana and oatmeal yogurt bowl and a full english breakfast for Bree plus to special coffees. When we sat without number in front of us Bree didn't waste a minute. “Okay spill, I figured it out after wondering about it than when I went to go do a dance cover on bts, who did I recognize. Oh the guy at book club!” Bree went into a spiel about how she figured it out. “well i didn't figure it out until a couple days ago went I went on youtube and looked at covers did i find out who he was” I chuckled. “I saw him once since than randomly at a bookstore but no no do not get that look on your face” I was shaking my head at her. “Oh come on! It's so easy for Bo to set you up with him! Come on go for it! He's Hot” Bree exclaimed “Nope no I am single and staying that way. I don't have time for a relationship,  and I for sure don't want one.” I shut her down. “please! For me?” she pleaded making me laugh. “Nope not even for my bestie.” I said. “Fine whatever dont go for him them” she sighed. “But your missing a great opportunity not to be alone forever” she added making me laugh. “Nope, Im missing the opportunity of drama and fans coming after me. Im good” I told her as our meal arrived. “Yummy!” I exclaimed. “Fine, but can we be friends with him?” she asked. “I would want to be friend with him and maybe meet his friends” she hinted making me laugh. “Well he is coming to book club in a couple weeks” I said as my phone chirped. “what was that? A hiccup?” Bree looked around. “No, kakao talk. I have it on default mode for most groups” I told her pulling out my phone I had a new message from a new friend. I clicked on it and looked astounded “what is it?” she asked as my phone started getting more and more pictures.   Bree took my phone and looked than started laughing. “is that who i think it is?’ Bree asked “He looks so cute!” It was picture after picture of Namjoon grinning and posing in Harry potter glasses and the book.
Some one made these edits for harry potter bts, love it! And the top collage is of the cafe the girls went to.

He's a Ravenclaw!!!
Loving the story! I mean with those dimples I'm proud of her for sticking up to him at first... but he's killing me with his confidence 😍