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Hello Aghases! Today is Day 4 of JaeBum birthday. This is an ideal date with JaeBum.
This would be JaeBum outfir for our date. Can you guess what our date would be? He is so cute.
This would be my outfit for the date. Is it pretty?
My ideal date with JaeBum, would be beach theme! We would go to the carnival on the beach and ride some rides and eat food and play games. After having some time of playing, our next stop would be...........
We would have a night dinner on the beach with candles and just the two of us. It would be a nice and simple dinner for us to get to know eachother more. After dinner........
We would lay on the beach and watch the sunset! It would be romantic being in his arm and holding eachother. What do you think of our date? Was it fun? Until next time.
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