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SO please vote kim soo hyun.. Kim Soo Hyun vs. Lee Seung Gi: Who is the drama star? Kim Soo Hyun, King of Joseon, and Lee Seung Gi, King of modern Korea, is competing against each other. On June 15, a spokesperson for cable TV Mnet’s 20′s Choice said, “Kim and Lee is competing against each other to become the top drama star in the first half 2012. We started doing the survey on June 7 and Kim and Lee are equally popular.” Kim played the role of a king named Lee Hwon from Joseon Dynasty in MBC’s series The Moon Embraces the Sun. He drew a lot of attention by performing a lovely and dignity king. Lee also captured many female fans’ hearts. He played the rolf of a king named Lee Jae Ha in MBC’s seriesThe King 2 Hearts and showed off his cute charms. He also gave powerful performance in the series by reproving a powerful country for their selfish behaviors. As a result, Kim and Lee are drawing a lot of attention once more by being nominated for the drama star. Song Joong Ki, who appeared on SBS’s series A Deep-rooted Tree, Um Tae Woon, who appeared on KBS’s series Man of the Equator, and Joo Won, who appeared on KBS’s series Ojakgyo Brothers, were also nominated. The survey will be continued until June 27 and the drama star will be selected with 50 percent of online votes, 30 percent of research results, and 20 percent of opinions from jury members. Source:TV Report/
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