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Hello Aghases! Today day 6 for JaeBum birthday and I bring you my gift to JaeBum.
I bring you a letter ......

Dear JaeBum,
Happy birthday! Thank you for being such a wonderful person. Thank you for bring me music to cry with, to laugh with, to sing to the top of my lung too and most of all for the love that you bring to me. I want to say thank you for being the great leader you are and taking care of the other GOT7 members! You are such a loving person and a I am proud that you are a member of GOT7! I love to see you smile and to see you tak care of the other members. Remember to keep smiling and know that I am here to support you and GOT7! May you have a wonderful birthday!
Hope you enjoyed! What would you give JaeBum for his birthday? See you next time!

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that's a nice gift ☺