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Happy New Year's day everyone! Y'all already know that this week is all about Jaebum's celebration! So let's hope right into it.

Dec.31-Jaebum Moments
Yes, I know this was yesterday theme but I was having some trouble yesterday uploading media to my cards so it's late but here are my top 3 favorite Jaebum moments. Enjoy!
1. GOT7 Never Ever Cooking Live
-Honestly the whole video was soo cute and funny especially how Jaebum was more caught up in cake then being at the mic during his parts. But my favorite moment is captured in these gifs. A precious 2jae moment. It just makes me laugh because Youngjae is just singing his heart out and Jaebum looks like he is kinda over it but still thinks its cute too lol.
You can watch the full video here:
2. GOT7 Confession Song Music Bank Christmas Special
-This moment made it on the list because let's face it Jaebum in red is my guilty pleasure lol. No forreal though Jaebum was seriously looks sooo freaking cute and soft during this performance.
You Can watch the full thing here:
3.Jaebum's Aeygo
-Now I know that all of these gifs are from different things but that's because any time Jaebum does aeygo it becomes a favorite moment. What can I say? It just makes me smile at how awkwardly cute and shy he can be. It makes me just wanna pinch his cheeks sometimes! Like tell me it isn't the cutest!?!?

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I would like to remind everyone to please make sure and use the #ChicAndSexyJBDay for Jaebum's special day.
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That was to cute!
@sukkyongwanser Thank you!!!
glad you could catch up! 👌🤗😁😁 amazing post