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Hello my loverlys!!! It was hard to believe it has been almost an entire year since I posted anything..... but my dear friend Sailynn decided to call me back with a challenge. For those of you who remember us.... Sailynn and I had a bit of a fan fiction war going on and it kind of died... but we are back full force and ready to tease each other restlessly. We hope you enjoy! As always let me know if you would like to be added or removed from my list.... it is kind of old and out dated... Anyways.... On with the show!! ************************************************************************************* They glowed like shining brown orbs as they tracked her every movement; sending goosebumps up her arms, digging through her deepest and darkest secrets and desires as they pierced her soul. She knew that look all too well… and to say she didn’t fear it would be a lie. Too long had she ignored his texts and messages… too long had she tried to find just the right words to explain to him what had happened…. But how was she to admit her fault to someone so.. So.. perfect? Sailynn’s mouth went dry as she tried to look everywhere but at him. The marble floor spun with black and white around her feet as colorful fleets of shoes trampled the delicate design. The hem of her dress frayed ever so slightly on the left side and she restlessly pulled at the tiny strings. Maybe if she ignored him he would disappear. Maybe if she pretended to not have seen him looking straight at her she might be able to run away…. But much to her disappointment, as her eyes traveled back up to the spot on the wall he had been at moments ago… he was there… his eyes still bearing into her own. A nervous giggle left her lips as she tried to play off the erratic thump thump in her chest. “Earth to Sail?” Sailynn nearly jumped out of her skin as Jojo’s too pale face and bright red hair filled her vision. “Huh?” “Wow, way to ignore me Sail.” Jojo sighed. “I wasn’t…” A single raised eyebrow stopped Sailynn in her tracks and she shook her head. “Sorry.” “So what was my little maknae thinking about so deeply that she completely ignored me? Was it the aliens again?” Jojo’s voice dipped into a low whisper as she tried to hide her all to visible smirk. Sailynn shot Jojo a glare her lip pouting in that ‘I’m cute and I know it’ way. “Leave the aliens out of this.” “Well then what’s up?” Her eyes traveled back to the man in the corner. The man who had stolen her heart only a year ago. She would never forget the day Jojo had made her realize he should be her number one. The day Jojo had broken not only her simple sunshine filled list but her heart as well. “Nothing.” She whispered quickly hoping Jojo wouldn’t catch on, but she couldn’t be so lucky. “Nothing huh?” Jojo’s lips twisted up into a teasing grin as her eyes started to scan the crowds of people around them. “It sounds like a something to me… maybe a something with perfectly touchable hair and amazingly thick eyebrows?” Sailynn’s jaw dropped slightly before her head shook so quickly her brain rattled under her blonde locks. “No no no… that oppa is not here yet.” “Ahhh,” Jojo’s lips split like the Cheshire cat’s as she relished in teasing Sailynn… she never did forgive Sailynn completely for the last little adventure they went on. “That is probably for the best then… where that oppa lurks another is soon to follow. Hmm…..” Her eyes once again scanned the crowd looking for someone who might have caught Sailynn’s attention. “Is a certain Yummy Bear off talking to another girl in a corner? Should I drag him over here by his ear and give him a good ‘noona’ talking too?” “SHHHHHHH!!!!.” Sailynn quickly looked around to be sure no one was listening to them. “Don’t call him that!” “Why not? That is what you call him all the time. First it was Yummy and now it is Yummy Bear and I think it is adorable you already have a pet name for him.” Sailynn’s shoulders slumped in frustration and she for the millionth time wondered why she hung around this particularly savage cat. “It’s because I can’t say his name…” “It’s okay my little panda, you can admit you call him Yummy because you think he looks yummy… No one will judge you, well not that hard anyway.” “You are horrible to me.” “Ahh but you keep me around so you must like it.” Jojo winked at her and reached out to grab a glass of wine off the waiter’s tray as he walked passed. “I sometimes wonder why.” “That is because I am ama………” Jojo’s voice broke off and her already pale skin seemed to drain of what little color it had. “Jojo?” With eyes as big as saucers Jojo handed Sailynn her glass of wine and put on the fakest most forced smile she had ever seen her Unnie make. “I think I hear Heechul calling my name. I am going to go say hello to our oppas. Behave yourself!” She didn’t even wait for Sailynn to respond before she disappeared into the crowd. Sailynn’s eyes drifted over the crowd her growing curiosity over what could make Jojo move so quickly was short lived. She had nearly forgotten about him. He still hadn’t moved from his spot on the wall but now he stood talking to someone. She watched as his perfect lips curved up into the most electrifying smile as he animatedly talked. She couldn’t help but notice how his perfectly sculpted cheekbones made his face that much more perfect. She smiled as he nodded his head and reached out to shake the persons hand…. WAIT! What was she doing?? Sailynn shook her head violently as she tried to clear her mind. She needed to focus. How could she still get so lost in… well him… when she is the one who tossed him aside. When she is the one who decided she was done with him and picked someone else to take his place? To make it worse, it hadn’t only been one person but two. How could she justify staring at him like a love-sick puppy? Her eyes fell away to once again stare off into the distance. “Why did I let her talk me into coming?” “Maybe it’s fates way of saying you should have answered your texts?” For the second time that night Sailynn jumped as she spun to find he was no longer standing across the room but right behind her. When had he moved? How had he made it across the room to her at such a sudden speed? “Tao…” His name left her lips like a soft whisper and she tried to yet again look down at the swirling marble floor. “So you do remember my name. I was starting to wonder if you had forgotten me.” Peeking up through her hair she was met with a gentle smile. “How is my little panda?” “Fine.” She kicked herself mentally for not being able to even respond in a full sentence. She had once held him higher than anyone else… she had once been able to have never ending conversations with him through texts and phone calls… but now? Now she could barely find a way to come up with coherent words. “That’s good.” A moment of silence fell between them. Sailynn searched her mind for anything to say… anything that could make heads or tails of what had happened since she last saw him, but she was struck with a vast space of nothing. “Why?” “Huh?” She must have been too lost in her own thoughts. She hadn’t even heard what he had been saying. A soft awkward chuckle rumbled in his chest. “Why haven’t you called me back?” “Oppa I’m sorry it’s just…” How was she supposed to tell him she moved on? Would he just shrug it off and act like nothing happened? Or would he be angry with her for not telling him sooner? What if he was upset she had given up on what they had? They had never been ‘official’ right? So, there was no reason for her to feel guilty. But then why did she feel that way? “It’s just…” He prompted her to finish her sentence. “Look oppa I still really care about you but…” Her words fell on deaf ears as her hand was grabbed and she was pulled in for a soft kiss on the cheek. “There you are! I have been looking all over for you. Jojo noona said you were here but I couldn’t find you. We need to get you a step stool for crowds.” Sailynn stared in confusion at Yugyeom as he still held tightly onto her hand. “Oh! Tao hyung!” Yugyeom’s smile broadened as he acknowledged the older idol. “Have you met my friend Sailynn? She is a part of Mighty and Feisty, a new variety show. Sailynn this is Tao.” Sailynn could feel the strain curve of her lips as she attempted to thank Yugyeom for the introduction. “Your friend?” Tao’s voice was subtly laced with what Sailynn thought was anger but she wasn’t sure. “Well tonight she is my date but don’t tell anyone.” Yugyeom’s face lit up as he looked back at her. A boy in love she thought. That was what he looked like even to her own eyes. “Your date?” Tao’s gaze turned to the frozen Sailynn and she felt her blood turn to ice in her veins. He had never once looked at her like that. “How long have you two been dating?” The question was directed at Yugyeom but Tao’s eyes never left Sailynn. “Well our first date was Christmas Eve but we have been talking for a few months now.” “I see. Well I wish you the best of luck.” Tao bowed his head slightly and peeled his fiery glare from Sailynn. “If you will excuse me I think I see someone else I need to talk to.” “It was good seeing you Tao hyung!” Sailynn watched as he walked away… watched as he refused to look back in her direction. She watched as he headed for the front door only stopping for a moment to speak with Jojo who had found her way to the bar. She noticed how he shook his head and jabbed his finger in her direction as Jojo flinched slightly her face turning into a look of apology. She fought the urge to run after him as he shook his head and left a flustered looking Jojo standing there in mid-sentence. Sailynn felt her heart thud thud in her chest. She wiped her hands on her dress as her palms become sweaty. Her heart was breaking but there was nothing she could do. How could she chase after another man when Yummy was standing right next to her? The guy she had chosen over him. The heart wrenching pain pulled at her chest and she tried to fight back the tears. It had been her choice and her choice alone to walk away. She had decided to move on… but why did it hurt so much? ******************************************************************************
Sorry Sail.... but a Panda for a Panda. It’s only fair.
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