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"Taehyung" . My name appeared with just anger. I took off my glasses and just disbelief of what Im watching. Then a shadow appeared and it was a girl but I can only see her back and her black long curvy hair. Then everyone began to turn thier heads to me I look up and I quickly got jumped. They all looking for me with red eyes and as they began to smile, white sharp teeths was shown. Then someone whispered in my ear.

"Prepare yourself Taehyung, He is coming for you"

I quickly jumped off of my seat and began to look around, but nothing. There's nothing around and everyone looked normal. As I look up the board, my name wasnt there either.

"Taehyung, your ok?"

I quickly grabbed my books and gave the teacher my test. I put my glasses and placed my headphones on. I began to walk out to the hallway and then someone with heels began to tap the empty hallway. Then the tapping began to get closer, louder. My heart began to pound hard, as the noise got closer and louder. Then I turned around and nothing was there, I looked around but everything is looking normal. It could be my imagination.

"Taehyung, relax man. you got this"

I turn back around to take my walk to the cafeteria, but as I turned around she stands in front of me with red eyes glaring me strong.

"Ahhhh fuck!!!"

I feel down to the floor and just grabbed my heart hopimg to stay alive after that fright. Then I look up and she is still standing there. I cant escape now since the bitch scared the living shit out of me. So why not, right.

"Who are you, and why you scaring people here. Shesh, you could've gave me a heartattack"

I began to stand and dust myself and picked up books. As I composed myself, I turned myself to her and face her.

"He is coming for you."
"Who is?"
"The one who desires your power"
"My pow....bitch is either you spit it out or fucking leave. I got no time for this spooky shit"

She looks at me with her red eyes and then she began to smile.

"As you wish, master"
"Master? ..... Bitch bye"

I put my glasses on and just walked by her. What the fuck is she talking about? Master? The fuck is this? Yup, I need a vacation. I walked towards the cafeteria and its nice and empty. I grabbed some food and sat down on the table and as I reached for a chopstick She appears again in front of me.

"What is it?"

I looked at her dead in her eye and then all of a sudden she touches me and a vision appeared in front of me. A black tunnel appeared in front me and in the end a man with a gun appeared in front of me. He then ran towards me, all I saw was a scar on his face and the vision disappeared

"You got shot by this man and you want revenge huh?"
" Im not human"
"Of course, your dead"

She shakes her "No". I looked at her weird.

"I was never human. "
"Then...wha..what the fuck are you"
"Im a demon."
A demon?. I never ever seen a demon before. No wonder she scared the living crap out of me. But I wonder, why is a demon here for. Especially after me?

"Because your time of being human is over."
"I didnt how did you knew of what i was asking?"
"Im a demon Taehyung, we can hear your thoughts and know what your thinking. "

Sigh.. I swear this is too much now.

"What you mean my time is up?"
"You will soon be murdered for a murder you will commit"
"Me... wait... im going to commit a murder?"
" no no. I cant do that"
"But you enjoy to see deaths"
"Thats different compare to killing someone"

Then she began to chuckle. She stands and went behind me quickly. Her arms went around me and her sinister voice tickled my ears.

"Aint like you never desired to kill to those you hate and dislike."

My eye pop open, because she is right. But i know deep down I cant do that. Its a desire not a commitment.

"But its not. Its your destiny".

I turned around and I see her sitting on top of the counter.

"What you mean destiny?"

Then all of a sudden, she gotten to close to my face and her red eyes began to glow. She smiles.

"Destiny to kill Taehyung. "
"Kill Taehyung. Kill"

She began to giggle and all I can do is drop my chopsticks. I quickly ran away from the cafeteria and begin leaving the school. All I can hear is her laughing very sinister, a laugh which will give you chills down your spine. I began to run quickly as possible to my house. As i got home, I quickly placed a talisman on the door.

"aww sweety, those dont work on me."

I quickly turned around to the vouce of that bitch.

"Leave now. I wont ever kill anyone. Never."
"Never say Never"

She laughs and then leaves the room. I began to look around my room and just shocked of what my life is becoming. Im going to die for killing someone. No i cant. Kill? No! My destiny? How?

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