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[tw: mentions suicide]

This is Logan Paul, YouTuber and brother of Jake Paul and equally influential YouTuber. He has over 15 million subscribers and makes videos about pranks, extreme sports, and basically living off of all the money he makes. Most of his fans are under the age of 17.
He has been posting a video every single day for over a year and plenty have been controversial (one of his most successful videos is when he reacts to seeing color for the first time, but then he later admitted that he lied about being color blind)

This week though, even his fans have said he has gone too far.

He is currently in Japan and making videos about his trip, but he and his friends headed to Aokigahara, also known as Japan's suicide forest. It's the most popular place to tortured people to end their lives. It is known for its beauty so people do go there just to see the nature, but they went into the restricted section.

They go on a visit to the forest intending to focus on the "haunted" aspect of it, he says in the video. After walking a short distance into the forest, the group come across a body.

The group is filmed approaching the body, which is shown in several close-ups where only the face is blurred out.

A member of the group is heard off camera saying he "doesn't feel good". Paul then asks him: "What, you never stand next to a dead guy?" He then laughs.

He then took the time to pose with the man (who is revealed to have just died a few hours before due to the color of his body) in order to get the perfect thumbnail and then posted it on his channel.
This is literally what the thumbnail image was:
It got over 6 million views. Later in the video they joked that YouTube wouldn't put ads on a video with a dead guy so they might as well take sake shots too (YT has a new strict algorithm about what kind of content can make money and obviously suicide isnt one of them)

After the video got a ton of criticism, he took the video down and issued this half ass apology:

He later posted a video apology but come on.

This is just disgusting. I am so sorry to the family of that victim and to anyone who has been affected by suicide. There is NO excuse for what he did. If it was a live stream and an accident I could understand if he was overwhelmed, forgot to turn the camera off, etc. But this was filmed, edited, and uploaded. He zoomed in and took from different angles. He posed for pictures with the body. He is trash.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please visit for a way out of depression.
i know i might get hate(idk if there are any paul stans on vingle but if they are unfollow me right the Fuck now) but fuck logan, fuck jake, fuck their problematic issues and especially fuck him for going into that suicide forest laughing at someone who died from hanging because 1] that shit is not cool to view nor make fun of in the first place 2] him being there in japan will set a bad rep for people who want to go because of this and 3] the family saw the video and didnt know the son did a suicide attempt and seeing his dead body being made fun of and all for "suicide awareness" fuck that guy and all he stands for and i hope youtube bans him
Oh good, for a second there I thought you were going to defend him cause you said you might get hate haha. I totally agree, he is a garbage person and really needs to learn to reflect on his actions
Omfg... that is so fucking disgusting for him to do that.. just sick! I don't think I wanna watch the video... he's so wrong.... sorry isn't enough. What he did was beyond messed up smh what is this world coming to!
I saw the video this morning. I was absolutely disgusted. I personally dont like either of the Paul brothers, and this just made me absolutely sick. I was told by a friend about this and I had to see it for myself to believe it. The fact that he was laughing at the sight of a body, that hs already turned purple, hanging from a tree. I don't understand how he would have thought that would have been something people would enjoy to watch. Some people would have gotten sick because, oh I don't know, they've lost someone to suicide maybe? Perhaps maybe in the same way? And it just brings back awful memories and gives people a weird feeling in their stomach. THE VIDEO WAS #10 ON TRENDING FOR PETE SAKE. HOW TF-- His apology didnt mean shit. "I didn't do it for the views" yEs YoU dId We're both on the same page here. This was absolutely disrespectful, and it made me, and milions of people, extremely upset. Suicide is not a joking matter
This guy is trash and I’m sorry to say there is gonna be more trash in this world because there are young impressionable kids watching this guy and he doesn’t try to have any human decency. He doesn’t feel sorry for his actions, cause if he did how do you edit footage of yourself with a dead person laughing. Suicide is not a joke, depression is not a joke, mental health is not a joke and laughing at someone you don’t know what their situation was when they took their life is just shitty. And to try and say it was for awareness is bullshit! I’m sorry for the language but I knew friends with low self esteem and friends who thought they were worthless and have gone through lows to tell you the importance of having great people around you but Logan Paul is just some piece of shit who thinks he can do what he wants cause he’s YouTube famous and backtrack when he gets called out.
god im so fucking livid right now
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