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I've been living in Korea for a while, but would still not call myself fluent in the language.

Most of my work is in English but all my meetings and emails are in Korean so I can read and listen relatively well, but we all have our off days right?

Here are a few ridiculous situations I got myself into thanks to things being a little bit lost in translation ;)

Have you guys ever experienced something like this before?

(yes, i am still sad about my sandwich)
😂 that sammich tho....
I really appreciate the fact that you do these kind of videos. I want to become really good at korean and I'm just a beginner but I know I can learn more if I try hard enough, and this video is the first one I'm watching. It cheered me up and now I seriously feel like learning, even if I have a busy schedule. Thank you for the hard work and good luck with your videos! Hwaiting! ✊❤
I am slightly concerned about my daughter mispronouncing things and ending up in the middle of nowhere.
I'm having trouble pronouncing certain words in Korean and it sucks
Yeah that sandwich was a mess lol