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Nari woke up and found herself in her own bed. Last she remembered was falling asleep on the couch, talking to Chen. Then she felt someone snuggle up against her back, their arm draping over her side. She thought Chen was crazy for staying the night. She rolled over.

Xiumin's eyes were starting to open.

Nari thought she was dreaming. He looked so heavenly.

He smiled. His pretty eyes blinking slowly in the morning light. His fingers following the curve of her face.

“Do you feel better?” He asked. “You were crashed out when I got here. I couldn't even wake you. So I stayed. I was worried about you.  

Xiumin moved his arm under her head and pulled her closer. Nari fell into his embrace. She felt safe. She snuggled as close as she could.

“Don't let me wake up. I want to stay in this dream for awhile.”

Xiumin laughed, “What...you think this is a dream? You must miss me that much when we're apart.”

“I do. It's less confusing… I always think about when we first dated. Seems so long ago.”

Xiumin laughed again, “We’re almost to our 100 days, aren't we?”

Nari pulled away, she looked at him shocked, “You… you've been keeping track?”

Xiumin nodded, “I have. So what do you want to do on that day? Go on a trip, have a regular date night…”

“Let's go on a trip! “

He smiled, “Where? We'll go anywhere you want. Jeju is always romantic, Japan, Osaka, Macau... Beijing”

Nari bit her bottom lip thinking about it, “I don't know… anywhere?”

“Anywhere.” he answered

She smiled, “Can I think about it.?”

He kissed her lovingly, “You can.”

Xiumin spent the rest of the morning with her and then left for Lu. He told her he would be back to check on her.

She went down to the pharmacy to get some more medicine. The one Chen brought, worked really well and she wanted some more. While standing in line, she overheard two young girls whispering loudly in the next aisle.

The one girl told her friend to buy it. Her friend was reluctant and was afraid to grab what she needed. She kept saying she might be wrong, she could just have the flu or something. The first friend told her she was stupid to believe that she could catch a cold from sleeping with that boy. So the girl, sobbing behind big sunglasses, grabbed what she needed and got in line right behind Nari

Nari looked back at the girl who was still sobbing, and saw what she was holding.

An oblong white box that said pregnancy test, was protruding from her small shaky hand.

Nari saw her friend shaking her head, “I asked the doctor for you, with much embarrassment, why you could be throwing up all the time and sleeping all the time… I asked what could cause that. The least you could do is take that test to be sure.”

Nari suddenly got nervous. She got out of line and walked the aisles.

“Could it be… but how. We were careful. He used a condom every time…” then she thought about that night in Xiumin's car by the river. He was too excited and the mood was so good and it felt so good, she didn't want him to stop.

What shook her even more was that time at work when Chen caught her alone and they did it in a closet, it happened so fast Chen didn't want to stop, he usually “pulls out” when he's close.

She felt sick all of a sudden. She grabbed one, then another one. Paid for them and left.

She bursted into her apartment in tears, clenching the pharmacy bag close to her chest. She ran straight for the bathroom. Her hands were shaky as she tried to read how do this. She screamed at herself because she couldn't calm down enough to do it. She was scared. She was too scared to do this alone.

She pulled her phone out and pressed a picture on her speed dial list. It rang and rang. She begged the gods for her unnie to pick up.

“Hello, Nari!” Jae said happily.

“Unnie…unnie… “ Nari managed to say before bursting into tears.

“Oh my god, what's wrong?”

Ah wae!!!!!! Aiegoo!!!!
Oh no! Who's baby is it? 😲