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This isn't exactly going to be a rant nor is it going to be K-pop related. But I needed to say some things on this topic. I had the same talk about this with someone and I needed to end up writing about this. If you've heard about the situation of Logan Paul on YouTube, you may know him for he had posted a video but eventually deleted it due to the content and the way the situation was taken. I don't often watch him but I watch him to the point where I know his intentions of making his videos are to entertain. What he had found in the forest wasn't planned and he and his friends didn't know how to react. But in that situation the best thing he could've done was to stop recording and put the camera down and find a person that is able to handle the problem. It's good that he uploaded an apology video and he told his fans that are defending his actions that his actions "do not deserve to be defended". I don't know how to react to this but I don't forgive him but I do realize that he is as human as all of us and he makes mistakes.
What are your reactions to this controversy?
I didn't agree with what he did but I'm still on his side. He made one HUGE mistake that may not be able to be forgiven by many people but hate comments and death threats aren't gonna solve anything.
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I totally agree. Fighting fire with fire is not going to work. To me our society is already as worse as it is knowing how this generation is full of cyber bullying, bullying, and conflicts and fights in general. A lot of people have said they want to have a good 2018 but to send death threats and end a person's career over a huge mistake, is not a way 2018 should've started. He made his apology and I'm sure we can all (or majority of us) accept it and move on. Because drama is drama, and drama always moves on... Fighting back will always leave a scar @KingTaeTae
Someone made a petition to take down his channel for good