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Eek this was so fun! thank you @MelissaGarza for creating another fun SSG!!!
okay here are my result!
I made a story with it!!!
Nervous as all get out Im waiting at the door pacing back and forth, my short dress was swishing against my thighs as I moved and I was biting my nails worried that he was going to back out of this and send a message he would see me another day. the message never came and when a silver car pulled up along the curb of my apartment complex. I stopped and stared as Namjoon got out of his car and looked over at me. My hand dropped to my side as he moved around the car to approach me.
"Yuna, did you wait long?" Namjoon asked as he was inches from me now, his dimples were showing.
"No, not at all" I smiled as a cold breeze came and rustled up my dress and gave me a shiver.
"Your freezing Yuna" Namjoon said taking over his blazer and putting it over my shoulders.
"Lets get you in the car so you can warm up" he said putting an arm around my shoulders and guiding me towards the car.
We sat in the car with the hit turned high and the music low, it was one of my favorite songs, baby by zico and I was silently lip singing along.
"You look pretty tonight" Namjoon commented.
"thanks, I was thinking it would be warmer out but its kind of chilly" I commented.
"Well we will be inside so you dont have to brave the chill" Namjoon said.
"Where are we going? you never did tell me" I turned to look at him and he smirked amd stayed silent.
"Oh please tell me! Is it a party? Oh a resturant? maybe by the lake to see the fireworks" I was on a roll with coming up with things.
"Yuna yuna" he stopped me with a chuckle "Your getting to many creative idea's and unless yoy want to be surrounded by people who are constantly coming up to me and talking i dont think you would enjoy that" he shook his head. "No Im taking you some place were we can be at in peace" he said.
"Oh" my cheeks heated.
"okay you can close your eyes now" he said when he parked the car. I just stared at him.
"Come on, I'll be right by your side" he said as he stared at me
we were still in the car, I knew what building he took me to, I knew how many stairs there were, I wasnt a fool.
"Oh no! If i do that we both know what will happen" I laughed.
"I swear I wont let you fall " Namjoon was serious. he grabbed my hand and held onto it.
"will you let me open my eyes for the steps?" I asked.
"No" he said "But I'll carry you" he told me instead.
"That is so sweet" I smiled at him. I opened the door and got out of the car. Namjoon got out on his side and i looked over at him.
"If you don't drop me on the first set" I smiled sweetly at him making him chuckle.
"well my princess" he came over and lifted me up bridal style "close your eyes" he said. Giggling I put my hands around his neck and closed my eyes.
we made it up the first flight of stairs and never let me go, his hands gripping me every once in a while.
I talked about random things as we went up the stairs. 3 flights of stairs later we made it safely to the floor he wanted.
"Okay where are we? you walked around so much " I said.
"I was avoiding bumping into people Yuna, its hard to navigate " he said. "I cant do it, reach out in front of you and open the door " he said. I did so and tried to push the door in but it wouldnt budge so I pulled it out . . . . and hit me in the head which put us off kilter. I shifted and Namjoon dropped me.
"Ouch!" I opened my eyes and looked at him.
"Im so sorry" he knelt down by me and rubbed my head. after a moment I laughed.
"Im fine it just shocked me." I said I looked over to see we were in front of his studio door.
The studio was decked out with streamers and rainbow lights. It looked so pretty
"Did you do all of this?" I asked looking at him.
"I wanted it to be special. its our first new years together " he said making me laugh.
"Its not, come on Namjoon we've been friends for years Plus we've been together on new years multiple times" I chuckled as I stood up.
"We have, but this is special, its our first date" he grinned.
"That is so freaking sweet." I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him.

There was only an hour until midnight and Namjoon turned music on and we talked, laughed and recounted memories from the past.
by the time it was minutes until new years and I couldnt help it I stopped and pulled up the drop time on my phone.
"We need a count down" I explained putting my phone on a stand so it was visible to both of us.
"I think I have the perfect song" Namjoon said as he turned around and searched before there was a song I knew by heart.
"Mic Drop" I said grinning.
"yup!" he said.
We were singing along when my phone started to beep and then countdown from 10.

His lips met mine when my phone rang happy new year!
It was slow that built up into a passionate kiss that had both of us panting as we broke away.
"Happy New Year " Namjoon said
"Happy New Year" I grinned.

Okay I honestly couldnt help it!!! I got sucked into writing instead of just making comments. And Im sorry it ended after midnight kiss I honesty got tired (its 1 in the morning i started this at hmm maybe 11)

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i love it~ 😍omg namjoon ruining my bias list like the rest of bangtang ughh