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This is tecnially my first finished painting of 2018 and i hope that this year i get into art school and learn even more than i did last year!

So here is the finished product! It was tecnially done yesterday but ive only just had time to post it :')

Here are the progress shots! all in all ot took about 12 hours from sketch to finish product (i completed 2 animes while painting)

^^this was new years eve i really didnt wonna go anywhere

Let me know what you guys think And any surgestions as to who i should draw or paint next?

Alot of people have asked me to draw kaniki from tokyo ghoul so maybe ill do that and give it away to someone or somthing :D

Art crew ^.^

@whatamooy as always best of the bestest art ever😍😍😍 Love watching ur paintings
great work as always, you're starting to inspire me to take up drawing again
@RamonPizarro thank you! thats so lovley!! im really glad ..more art is always good :p
Oh it came out perfect! And yes you should do that. I would love to have one of your paintings 😊
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@whatamooy That would be awesome! I'm know you will get in, because you are very talented 😊
<3 <3 <3 greatness! and I feel you with the anti-social new years stuff xD (Happy New Years and good luck with the art school!!!!) +1 to the Todoroki idea btw c: (I feel it would go very well with your style or something idk why) Great job! Your technique and style has definitely developed and improved over 2017, and I'm looking forward to 2018! :D
@ScientificNinja happy new year to you too❤ and thank you ima totally need it😅 and 2 point for todoroki mean i gotta do him now xD your words are too sweet for me to handle :3
BEAUTIFUL @whatamooy! May I suggest Todoroki from MHA? 😂
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@whatamooy Thank you! Its totally fine, take your time. 😊😊
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