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Just finished the Drama and I loved it!!!!
I got sucked in and even as I planned to go back and forth between 2 different dramas to make it last . . . . more then 3 days lol it didnt work.
Its funny I knew going in that I would get 2nd lead syndrome, I did not expect to get 3rd love interest syndrome. seriously 3 guys liked her and I felt for her childhood friend.
So if you havent watched it yet you really should! Just know you'll get sucked in and probably have 2nd lead syndrome lol.
The plot to Lovely love lies is addictive and the actors and actresses have amazing voices. Its a show about a girl so rim, who is in a band with her friend and gets scouted, on the romance side its fate that she bumps into Hyun Guyl who is a song writer and fell for So Rims voice. their lives get mixed up as job and love life get tangled, lies get told and Ahhh crazy!

Shiny boy sung by Mush&Co
Okay now this is weird because as I watched I realized that I once read a manga that went along the same premise then found out that Lovely love lies is based off a manga.
I went Digging!
Finally found out the manga!

Aki and Riku!

Its a bit different from the manga they changed and rearranged things so its not just like the manga but BOTH are really good!.

Anyway dropped a review for the show and probably will again after the next drama I watch, well already started lol

Fam tag! For everything!

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2nd and 3rd lead...told you.
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@JaxomB Really?! oh I liked him. that drama will go on my ever growing list of dramas lol. does he get a girl? Or another 2nd lead?