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Super quick chapter!
“Ashley.Your phone!”I heard Jay yell from the living room.
I quickly walked back to the living room after grabbing a blanket and grabbed my phone seeing Mom calling. “Hey Mom.”I answered sitting next to Jay on the couch. “Hi sweetie. I just wanted to let you know you are have a little family reunion.” “Family reunion??” “Yeah. Your uncle just told us your cousin Christian moved back to Korea. It’s been way too long since you’ve two seen each other. I gave him your number and I’ll text his to you.” “Ok sounds good. Well jay and I are having best friends day.” “Hi Jay!!”Mom yelled making sure he can hear her. “Hi.Mrs.Kwon.”He said taking the phone. “I told you. Call me Trina. Hope you are taking care of my baby. And thank you again.” “Ha. Well I am. And again it’s nothing.” “Good. Love you both and be safe.” “We love you too.”I said. “Bye.” “Bye.”Jay and I said Together. “So my cousin moved back.” “Oh sweet. Which one?” “Christian. I’ll probably call him later. Anyways. It looks like this best friend day turned rainy and cloudy. Let’s watch a drama.” “Alright drama it is.Should we order some food?” “Yes. You do that while I pick out the drama.” “On it.” I went to my room grabbing another blanket and pillows so we can be comfy. ~Jay~ We’ve had to be on the 3rd episode and I’m ready to fall asleep and take a quick nap. I looked down at my lap seeing Ashley already knocked out. So much for a best Friends day. Ha. I slowly moved a few pieces of hair out of her face just revealing how beautiful she is. You ever just sit there and think.Why am I getting these feelings now? Ugh. I hate it because I know she doesn’t like me like that. She’s obviously with someone. Simon. She’s always been a fan. Cha Cha was right. I hella was sounding jealous. Me:Yo ChaCha. You right man I was jealous. ChaCha:Don’t forget a little protective. So what are you goin to do? Me: i don’t know. I feel like I wanna tell her,but at the same time...I don’t wanna get hurt because she obviously doesn’t like me back.She’s with Simon. ChaCha: Are you sure you wanna keep it in? One day you are going to explode. You are going to see them together and you are just going to explode. Make sure you thing about it. Me: Maybe you’re right. I’ll think about it some more. ChaCha: Good.