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These 6 dramas were ones that I finished and was a little disappointed with how things went in them. (There is one on this list that I didn't finish because I didn't like where the storyline went.)

This isn't to bash these 6 dramas at all, this is to talk about them and why I didn't like them.

However if you did like them please convince me to like them!

(This is from 6 to 1. 6 and 5 aren't terrible, 4-1 are one's I liked the least.)

6. Missing 9

Missing 9 had so much potential. The first episode was amazing but then somewhere in the middle it starts to slow down to a point where it seems to lag it bit story wise. It picks up again near the end but then the final ending just confused the crap out of me. In my opinion the drama tried too hard to be funny. I personally think if they had stuck to the mystery, suspense, adventure part of the drama instead of forcing some of the comedy scenes the drama wouldn't be on this list. Regardless of the comedy part pretty much everything else was great!

5. Temperature of Love

I should start out by saying that I really wanted to love this drama because I love Yang Se Jong. And I did at the beginning. It was so good. But then it just failed to keep me interested. There are certain things that happened in it that just frustrated me and certain characters that were just plain out awful. The characters didn't start out that way either. I want to say it was more realistic than most dramas but at the same time there were some things that were so cliche. Anyways near the end it got better again and that is why it's lower on the list.

4. Bride of Habaek

This is another one I wanted to love but I couldn't. The main couple's chemistry wasn't good. Nam Joo Hyuk tried he really did but Shin Se Kyung failed in my opinion. I liked how the bad guy in this isn't portrayed as some awful man like bad guys usually are. The whole Water God part has almost little to do with the storyline, in which I mean he uses his God powers like four times the entire series. It was funny I'll give them that.

3. Hwarang

This drama had so much potential. I mean the list of beautiful male actors was huge. Not just beautiful but talented actors. The plot line just failed to impress. It was very typical and cliche and I pretty much knew what was going to happen three episodes in. Also Go Ah Ra needs to work on her acting just a bit more in my opinion. Her emotions kind of run together.

2. The Liar and His Lover

This drama started out cute but quickly dulled for me. The main couple had little to no chemistry. I partly blame this on Joy since it was her first drama but my lord were some of the romance scenes forced. Honestly it's not all her fault, the storyline was just boring in my opinion. The second lead couple was more interesting to me than the main one.

1. Black

This was the drama I didn't finish. I've only seen 4 episodes of the series. The first 3 episodes were great but then it quickly went downhill. Again Go Ah Ra's acting needs some working on. I think she could be a great actress if she'd work on her acting. The plot line was super good until the fourth episode, there was so much going on at once and it was just not for me.

If you've seen these dramas tell me why you liked or disliked them. Maybe I'll reconsider why I dislike them then!

If you'd like to be tagged in any of my k-drama/actor stuff please let me know!

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I would add Legend of the Blue Sea to the list. I really tried to like it, but I couldn't. I've made it half way through Save Me, and I am just watching it for Taecyeon. I can't figure out why I don't care for it. I enjoyed Hwarang minus the lead actress. She bugged me.
Legend of the blue sea was alright. Not amazing. But it was 2016 so I didn’t consider it for this list. Save Me I think is a drama that only some people will enjoy. Woo Dohwan’s character made Save Me amazing for me. Hwarang’s plot just didn’t cut it for me but the actors (not the lead actress) were great at portraying their characters. Go Ahra (the lead actress) just isn’t up to par with her acting yet.
lots of typos bit bare with me😅😂
i agreed on Black,Hwarang, and Tempature of Love like: Black had a very intresting plot but in my opnion it didnt live up to the hype and i didnt even get past ep 3. Hwarand same thing intresting plot but i didnt really enjoy the romance but i was in it more for the idols ans bromance that was in it😅 Temlature of Love i did like bit it kinda dulled for me torwards the end the only thing keeping it alive was the stromg flirty bromance between the 2 male leads😂 anyway this is my opnion i don't know if others agree but yea thats what i wanted to say about these dramas. doNT GET ME WRONG. these were very good dramas with good plots but there couldve been more...
I couldn’t agree more. The bromances in Hwarang carried the show.