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I forgot that I post for Yuta too so let's just pretend I announced him with my other card hahaha

Today I want to talk about what I hope for their 2018.

For Yuta I hope he gets more lines in future comebacks. I also hope that there's either a Japanese unit or a Japanese comeback so he can really shine. Why not throw a Station song in there while we're at it?

For Ten I hope SM lets him out of the dungeon along with Kun and all the other trainees. I mean we haven't really seen him since him Station song and even when we did it was only on like NCT Night Night. I hope he either joins 127, U has a comeback, or a new unit comes out. I know part of the reason we haven't seen him is after Dream in a Dream he had knee surgery, but we all really miss him right?

As for Jeno, I really hope he gets so many more lines. I feel like he's incredibly talented, but he never really gets to show it off. I don't know why he doesn't ever get the spotlight. I also hope that if there is going to be a new unit this year, that he's in it because I feel like another Dream comeback would just absolutely kill Mark (who I hope gets to rest for a while).

What do you guys hope for them in 2018?

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I wish them the best year! I wish them to stay healthy!
I hope for more happiness and success for them all. A new subunit would be great!