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Zelo will be joining his hyungs on Tuesdays!

So like I did with NCT I want to talk about what I hope for their 2018!

For Himchan, I hope he stops trying to fit what some fans want of him, I want him to feel comfortable in his body and not diet so harshly. I don't want him to hurt himself because fans are calling him chubby.

I feel like Daehyun is a pretty good actor(from Skydive and the one scene of All Shook Up I saw) so I really hope he gets casted either in a drama or a movie. I don't know I'd just love to see him act.

Zelo has really attempting to show his sexy side so I hope to see him release a mixtape where he can be who he wants to be and shine on stage. Like Yongguk and VIXX's Ravi, I hope to see a future Zelo solo.

What do you guys hope for them in 2018?

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I just want them safe and happy.
I wish for them in 2018, more success and happiness.