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Xiumin knocked on Nari's door but there was answer. He knocked again, still nothing. He punched in the passcode and let himself in. He put his bag down.

“Jagi… I'm here.” He listened but heard nothing.


The apartment was quiet. He went into her room, thinking she was asleep on her bed. He opened the door to an empty room. He went across and knocked on the bathroom door before opening it. No one. Empty.

He went to the stove and figured she probably went to the pharmacy. So he decided to cook something for her. He got some stuff out and got started.

He set the table. Sat down and waited. He got on his phone and called her. No answer.

He put his phone down.

He told her.

He told her he was coming back to check on her. He decided to stay with her for a couple days. He left Lu at the hotel upset because he chose his girlfriend over a weekend with him. Xiumin told him not to be like that. He never saw Lu like that...

Lu's phone hit the wall as he got to the hotel door. It broke apart, falling to pieces to the floor.

Xiumin stopped. He turned around. Lu paced back and forth, ranting how he took the time to come all the way here to be with him. That he’s worth millions but he would give it all up for his Baozi. Xiumin grabbed him by the arm and shook him until he shut up. “You need to stop. Look at me, Han… You were gone all this time. My life. My heart moved on without you. You gave me no choice but to… I met this woman, I liked her. The first person I liked more than Chen. Now, you can go back to Beijing if you want and I'll see you when you come back. But right now, I'm going to her. She's my woman, I need to go and take care of her.”

Xiumin looked at the clock. He'd been at Nari's for over an hour, close to two. He called her again. Still no answer. He started to worry. He got up and walked to the window. He looked down at the street. It was getting dark. He called again. He went into her room, looking around. Then he heard it. That sound a phone makes on vibrate. He followed it to the other side of her bed, lying on the floor. This worried him even more.

He swiped the screen to open it. He knew it was wrong to invade her privacy but he needed to know where she'd had gone. It was locked. He tried her birthday twice, then tried her apartment passcode. He had two more tries before the phone completely locked up. So he tried his own birthdate, nothing. It had to be something. He looked at the screen for a long time. He could think of only one other number.

He was relieved when it opened up. She had used the day they started dating. He quickly opened up her call logs. The last call she made was to noona. His heart stopped when he seen a familiar number. A number that called her often. He saw his own number listed as ‘my baby xiu’ but this other one, he knew that number. He didn't want to believe it. He opened his own contact list and pulled Chen's name up.

It was the same number.


Xiumin's hands started to shake.

Oh no.....angry Xiu. Chen is in deep.💩
I thought he knew already? Shocked 😲