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Hey Everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still planning on reviewing and opening discussions for the "NEW" simulcasts, from Crunchyroll, that are coming out for the winter 2018 lineup. So far these are the anime that are currently out and the proposed schedule from Crunchyroll themselves.

"A Place Further Than The Universe"

"Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles"

Above is a screenshot showing the current lineup of New Simulcasts, it's kind of annoying that Crunchyroll has a hard time updating thier content until the last minute, but what can you do. I'll keep making posts showing what I'm going to watch and talk about, so that you all can prepare yourselves for interesting new things.

Bye for now

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isn't kissanime virus city
I haven't had any issues with it on my phone
so Amazon has all of them or most of them
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based on this crunchyroll will have the majority, but, then again this was last year news, so Amazon may be coming up there with number of titles. plus the news was before the merger of Funimation and crunchyroll. all in all, crunchy roll has the majority of anime out there, if you're looking for something specific then go to kissanime.ru that's about it
I just want to know why crunchyroll doesn't have all the anime even vrv doesn't have them all
because each publishing/streaming company pays the anime studio to show their show, and then either the publishing/streaming company or anime studio can add an alternative to buy the exclusive rights, and since Amazon is bigger than Crunchyroll, they'll be able to buy anything they want
not now but the seasons that passed so many shows were not on crunchyroll
yes very true, Amazon prime's streaming service had a lot of them, and I'm not paying $15 a month for streaming service that doesn't have mobile app support, I watch 95% of my anime on my phone. plus the $15 price is double that of crunchyroll and Funimation, it's ridiculous
its not even that what gets me is how many good shows be coming out and most of them are not on crunchyroll
which ones, I'm only showing new simulcasts, not returning or second season or spin-off series. they'll have sao and seven deadly sins, I'm just not going to be talking about them since I know everyone is going to be watching them
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