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😁Stray Kids Support 🤗

Well ..If you follow me you all know Stray Kids became my babies too, well
(JJP Aproved) lol.
okay this post is to let everyone know I am officially supporting them and I have been posting about THEM and adding
#StrayKids to Open a Community here in Vingle. Since that's the way now, well then there it is..
Now Communities need users and that happens when you add it to your interest and like it.. then when we hashtag, all the users will appear.
if you are an Stray Kids Fan please use that hashtag on your post and also add it to your interest and like it.. that way we will grow as a community here in Vingle.
And we can show all our love for them and share it too..
Today since Iam home keeping myself cuddle, warm, and cozy I created an Amino for them.. Iam still working on it but it's already there pretty much done if you like to visit and join you are welcome .. here is the link came check it out.
See You all there those of you guys who come around..



I will try to start helping support them on both vingle and amino!!! I'm so excited to watch both communities grow!
@Changkyunie Yes!! thanks👌👍 😁🤗🤗 click on that link..😁
@mszmarclyne93 👍👌😆Yeeiih! Thanks for Joining Us!! ❤🤗
@luna1171 lol I just now downloaded the app. I'm setting it up now.
@mszmarclyne93 yes!..join us in the Aminos!! ,hehe😉😊😊🤗
@luna1171 awww, that's even cuter . They're too cute for their own good, we need to protect these precious babies
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