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So, Hyungwon's birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to try and make the Monsta X community active again by hopefully getting everyone to participate in the celebration of Hyungwon's birthday this week, and in about a week, to celebrate I.M's birthday! We've still got sometime for that however!

On the 9th, I wanted to post some of my favorite selcas of Hyungwon, such as the picture about because that is absolutely one of my favorite pictures~

I feel like most days are self-explanatory except maybe the favorite line day. Basically, on that day, you can pick your favorite line of Hyungwon's in any of their songs! Yes, I know that Hyungwon doesn't have as many lines in a lot of songs, but he starts off a lot of the new songs from their newest album and I'm sure we all have a favorite Hyungwon lyric.

On the 14th it is going to be Hyungwon's birthday because it will technically be the 15th over there, so I just wanted to maybe give him some birthday wishes that day and then on the 15th here, maybe write him a letter or something just wishing him a happy birthday. Yes, I know I talk a lot.