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Hi again, everyone! As mentioned in the first birthday card for Hyungwon a little while ago, I.M's birthday is also coming up in the month of January! He's eight months older than me -.- As with Hyungwon's card, I feel that the things for each day are self-explanatory. I just really want to try and get more cards being made around vingle again because it seems that not as many groups are being posted for anymore, and it's kind of sad. I miss seeing SF9, Pentagon, Monsta X, and Block B on my feed.

I promise I am going to try my best to actually participate in this this time. I have no excuse for not posting. However, I am currently having problems with my desktop and my school wifi. For whatever reason, it isn't wanting to work anymore throughout the day, but I'll just stop there.

~Monbebe Travellers~

💖Timeless Monbebes💖

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