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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by hxshidan; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop her some kudos if you like it!

Chapter Summary:
You're stuck in a world which isn't yours, and you just want to escape...

Gunshot Wound

by hxshidan

Chapter 14: Dreaming Eyes

The room you’re in feels hot and stuffy as you wake up… Normally your bedroom was quite cool because you insisted on having the windows open, but maybe the wind had been able to blow it closed during the night. Not to mention… The room feels quite dark. Why was it so dark?

“Go back to sleep… It’s too early for this...” An arm was slung over you, before you got pulled into even more warmth. “It’s only four in the morning… A bit early to eat.”

You nodded, before realising something. That… wasn’t V’s voice you were hearing. Was that?…

“Saeyoung?...” You turned around, and gave the red-head a highly confused look.

All that he did was grin, before responding to your confusion. “Yup! It’s me, hacker genius Saeyoung Choi!” He then began to laugh, and buried his head into the crook of your neck. His hair was very… ticklish.

But… why were you lying down with Saeyoung?

After a few brief moments, Saeyoung looked at you with a slight pout on his face. “You okay? You aren’t acting how you normally do...” He then sat up, and stretched his arms out. “Hmm… Maybe I can pry the cats out of Saeran’s room, and we can play with them on the sofa! That might bring you back to normal!

You weren’t given any choice then, and Saeyoung grabbed hold of your wrist, pulled you out from under the blankets, before dragging you to the one part of this place where you recognised. You could remember taking the picture of all of the RFA members there… That was a few weeks before you fell pregnant. Yoosung, Saeran, and Saeyoung had sat on the sofa, Jaehee, Zen, and Jumin had stood behind it, Vanderwood was at one side… And you and V were holding hands at the other side of the image. That was… a fun day.

“Be right back! Stay right where you are!” Saeyoung then gave you a thumbs up, and prepared himself to invade his brother’s room.

As you sat down, you then noticed what you were wearing.

Saeyoung’s hoodie.

Why the hell were you wearing that?!

V: I know that some of you wanted to see me, my wife, and daughter today…

V: But we’re not going to be at home.

V: Something… bad happened last night…

V: Please… don’t worry. I’ll explain everything later.

V: See you all in a few hours.

The only normal thing which seemed to be happening right now was the fact that Honey Butter was the cat which liked you the most. Unknown still loved playing with Saeyoung, and 707 kept their distance from you both. It was calming… But something was still bothering you.


“Hmm?...” The redhead looked up as he tickled Unknown behind the ears, and then gave you a concerned look. “What’s the matter? Did you have a weird dream or something last night?”

You shook your head. What you knew… wasn’t a dream. No, it was too real to have been a dream. “Where’s Jihyun?… Where’s V?” Your question did make Saeyoung’s face drain of colour, before giving you a look as if to say ‘are you seriously asking this?’

Saeyoung went and put Unknown on the floor, and let the cat fall asleep on his feet. “You remember what happened to V… You, Saeran, Rika, and Vanderwood are the only ones who remember what happened to him, I was unconscious on the floor...” He frowned, and gave you a concerned look. “Did you forget that… Saeran… shot and killed V?...”

Yoosung★: V!!! Oh no… What do you think happened?…

Jumin Han: I wish that I knew.

Saeran: Hmm… Give me a second… I’m going to borrow Saeyoung’s computers whilst he’s busy…

Yoosung★: God… You don’t think that Nari got hurt or anything?! I don’t want their daughter to be in danger…

Saeran: I’m looking at security footage from outside the apartment building that V lives in from last night…

Jumin Han: And?

Saeran: There was an ambulance there at the same time V sent those messages.

Yoosung★: Oh no…

Jumin Han: Did any of them get admitted to hospital?

Saeran: It’ll take me a few minutes to check in the hospital records… the information is heavily encrypted…

Yoosung★: I’m… Going to make a drink whilst I wait for Saeran…

Jumin Han: I... must be leaving now. I have a meeting to attend. I hope that they are all safe and well.

“Saeyoung… That’s a horrible joke...” You clung onto Honey Butter tightly, before standing up as tears welled up in your eyes. “He’s not… He isn’t dead!” Your yelling had woke up Saeran, and he appeared in the doorway yawning and looking rather exasperated with his wake-up call. Honey Butter jumped out of your arms and ran over to the younger twin with 707 then.

You pulled up some of the hoodie, making Saeran groan, before noticing that your scar was still there. “No… It was me who got shot… Not him! This scar-!”

“You got that scar when a former member of the agency tried to kill me for having it brought down! They were aiming for me and got you instead!” Saeyoung suddenly shouted, standing up himself. “Did you have some sort of dream where V was alive, and you got shot instead of him?...”

Saeran was wincing in the background, before picking up the two cats which were near his feet and walking away. He didn’t want to hear about that day again…

“It wasn’t a dream, Saeyoung… I swear, it wasn’t! No dream lasts for almost two years!” You had to grab the sides of your head then, as you shook it in denial. “I got shot, and I was in hospital for two weeks as I recovered! V felt guilty for me getting shot instead of him, so he got the eye surgery to look after me! He let me live at his apartment with him! Th- Then we had a camping trip where he said that he loved me, and he had a camera which was full of photos of me! Yoosung made us play truth or dare, and Jumin dared him to show the photos to everyone! And- And we were happy together, a- and then we found out that we were expecting a child together! We got married soon after, and went on a honeymoon which was cut short by a storm, and you and Saeran had to pick us up because I was scared stiff! A- And literally just a few days ago… O- Our daughter… A beautiful little girl who looks almost the copy of V called Nari… She was born… He isn’t dead, Saeyoung!”

At that point, Saeyoung had took hold of you, and had you in a tight embrace. “Baby… That had to have been a dream… V is dead...” He then took hold of one of your hands, and laced your fingers together. “Look… We’re married. We have been for three years now… Almost as soon as Saeran came to live with us, we got engaged and married...” He then pulled you over to a table in the room. “Look… If V were alive, he would have been with us on this photo...”

No… That wasn’t possible…

The image Saeyoung pointed at was similar to the other one… But there was no V, and no Vanderwood on the image. As with the image you knew, Zen, Jumin, and Jaehee were stood behind the sofa, and Saeran and Saeyoung were on it… But Yoosung was sat on the arm of the sofa, and you were sat on the sofa… Next to Saeyoung… And his arm was around you. “That was our engagement party… Please, don’t tell me that you don’t remember!”

“No, Saeyoung… I don’t. I only remember a life with V. Not with you.”

V: It’s true…

Saeran: … I hope that she recovers…

Yoosung★: So… Her scar… She did something to it, and it started bleeding quite heavily?… Oh god…

Saeran: I doubt that she did something to it…

V: It’s because it was strained when she was pregnant… She never mentioned that she was in pain, even if I asked her...

Yoosung: Oh god… V...

V: … I don’t… I don’t want her to die… Nari isn’t even a week old… She promised that she wouldn’t abandon us…

-Rika has entered the chatroom-

V: I’m going to… go…

Yoosung★: Oh… Rika…

Yoosung★: Please V, don’t go…

Saeran: Um… Please. I… agree with Yoosung…

Rika: Saeyoung… he added me… I’m sorry, V…

V: ….

Rika: V… can I… see you?

V: Why.

Yoosung★: V… Please. I’ll go with her if you feel uncomfortable. I can take her back to her apartment if you want her to go.

Rika: Yes…

Saeran: …

V: … Only if you come too, Yoosung.

V: Nari is crying. Bye.

-V has left the chatroom-

Rika: I… hurt him badly… didn’t I?…

You were now in your own clothes, and though it was apparently only six in the morning, Saeyoung was walking you somewhere in the city. You weren’t sure where, but… You were still 100% sure that this was a horrible, cruel joke being played.

“I know that this might sound weird to you, but… I’m not lying. I couldn’t bring myself around into lying to you...” Saeyoung muttered, before pointing to the church down the road. “That’s where we’re going, by the way… If I can’t persuade you with words… This might be the only way to show you...”

This wasn’t right. This wasn’t reality. This is not actually happening!

Saeyoung sighed as he pulled you around to the back of the church, into… the graveyard which was there. He took hold of your hand, before pulling you to one of the graves which were there.


Tears began welling up in your eyes when you noticed the framed photo of V on the grave, and at the name which was written on it.

‘Jihyun Kim’.

“No...” Saeyoung gave you a concerned look when you had to hold back tears then. “This can’t be...” He tried to take hold of your hand, but you shoved him down to the ground. “He… He’s my husband… He isn’t-!”

Saeyoung tried calling out to you as you ran away from the grave, and you could hear him in the distance shouting for you to calm down and come back to him, at the same time as him trying to get back onto his feet. No.

V was not dead. The time you had spent with him couldn’t have been a lie!

“Hey! S- Stop!” Saeyoung’s voice was desperate by that point, and you could hear him running to catch up with you. “Look out!”

It was too late for you to realise that you were stood on a road…

And the last thing you remembered was excruciating pain across your body, Saeyoung’s desperate cries... and a pair of bright white lights from the car which had hit you.

“She made you happy...” Rika whispered, looking at your unconscious body lying in the hospital bed. “She’s… your sun. And… you’re her sun...” She noticed how V was also cradling the sleeping baby in his arms, and then closed her eyes. “I’m… so sorry… You deserve her… And she deserves you...”

Yoosung smiled at his cousin, before taking hold of her hand. “V… You heard that, right?...”

V remained silent, before moving one of his hands to stroke Nari’s cheek. Then he nodded. “I did...” He then gazed up at you and had to hold back a loud sob. “But you caused me so much pain, Rika… Pain which I only realised wasn’t normal until I met her...” He then bit his lip as Nari’s eyes slowly opened. “It’s hard to forgive, you know…”

Rika’s eyes suddenly shot to Nari when she began crying then, and V had to start letting her play and suck on his fingers to calm her down. “Your baby… She’s really pretty...”

“She is, isn’t she?...” V was actually able to put on some semblance of a smile then. “Everyone says that she looks like the copy of me… But I’d say that she looks like her mother more...”

“I’d say that she looks like both of you!” Yoosung grinned, before walking over to V, and pulled Rika over. “Hey… Can her uncle Yoosung hold onto her? I really want to!”

V noticed how Nari now seemed to be staring at Yoosung and Rika with eyes full of curiosity, before sighing. “Please… don’t drop her...” He then stood up, and placed Nari in Yoosung’s arms, before showing him how to hold the baby.

Whilst V and Yoosung were occupied, Rika moved closer to you, and was looking at you once more. “I’m… sorry to you too… If I didn’t corrupt Saeran… You wouldn’t have been hurt in the first place… And… You’re V’s sun… If V loves you… and you love V… then… I won’t do anything to get between you… I’m sorry...”

Moments later, your fingers shifted a slight bit, and a shaky breath escaped your lips. V and Yoosung never noticed it because of the attention they were paying to your daughter. Rika did notice. She went and placed her hand on your arm, before turning to face V. “Um… She’s waking up...”

Slowly, you forced your eyes to open, and thing that you noticed was Yoosung ending up gasping when he V suddenly moved away to be by your side. The blonde could feel his hands shaking somewhat, so he quickly sat down so that he wouldn’t drop Nari.

“Hey… You’re finally awake… God, I was s- so worried...” V whispered, and you felt him take hold of your hand. Your eyes slowly moved over to him, and a faint smile formed on your face, at the same time as tears began to build up.

“You’re alive...”


“And… I didn’t get hit by a car...”


“And… you’re here with me… Not Saeyoung… You.”

“Again, yes… We’re both here, so is our daughter, and… I’m just so glad...” V pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead then. “Don’t you dare scare me like that again…”

To be continued...
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any part with MC and Saeyoung is a dream; the rest is real, if that helps