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~Little Family Reunion~ ~Gia~ Wednesday I finally hit up my cousin Christian. It would be nice to be in touch with family out here. We were actually pretty close since we are close in age. He is 2 years older than me. He was like an older brother. The only problem is that my uncle moved a lot. They were in Korea for a bit then moved to the states,move back,and now they are in the states. Now Christian is here. So this is pretty exciting. I walked into the mall trying to find him. Ok it was my idea to meet in a mall. I needed to pick up some more clothes to workout in and such. “Ashley” I turned towards the voice and see my cousin. “Christian.Hey.”I said walking over and giving him a hug. “Gosh you’re not little anymore. My baby cousin is a woman now.” “Look at you. You got handsome. And tatted too.” I said noticing this new tattoos. “What do you mean “got”.I’ve always been handsome. Anyways it’s been what 4 years.” “Yeah.Let’s catch up while we shop.” “Sounds good.” We went to the Nike store first looking through Workout clothes. “So Auntie Katrina tells me you are staying with Jay Park.” “I am.” “Why?” “Wow.Did you forget your cousin dreams of being a dancer?” “Oh that’s right. Sorry.Sorry. But shouldn’t you have your own place. I mean.” “I can’t really afford it.” “Well move in with me. I can’t have my baby cousin at some guys house. I don’t like it.” “There’s nothing going on between us. We are just best friends. He got me a job at his cafe and is getting me out there for dance. I’m suppose to go on tour with him and the rest of AOMG.” “Sorry to say this but Guys and Girls can’t be best friends. He is going to start getting attracted or maybe even you.” “Christian.Christian. Christian. There’s no attraction. I have a man already.” “Hold up.I wasn’t told this. Who? I need to meet him. Right now.ASAP.Actually I need to meet jay also.” “Boy. Chill.”I said grabbing some leggings. “Ashley. I have no chill.So I wanna meet them.” “Oh my goodness. Fine.” “Good. Now. You like this sweater?”He asked holding up a white nike hoodie. ~Jay~ “Where’s little Ashley?”ChaCha asked coming into the office. “She’s with her cousin.” “Cousin?” “Yeah.Umm.Christian. Remember her saying something about him. Like they haven’t seen each other in like years.” “Oh yeah. Damn that’s crazy.” “Yeah.” “Since there’s no one here yet. Let’s talk about that text you sent me.” “It was nothing.” “ It’s something. So you really falling for Ashley?” “I think I am. There’s so many times I just wanna kiss those lips. Chase. I just don’t wanna be rejected.” “Remember. I said you will explode. Just try not to. Ok.” “Good morning.”Simón said walking in. At least I know she’s not with him. Makes me feel a lot better. He still has that picture as his screensaver. Ugh. I don’t even think they’re a good couple. I mean. He is way older than her. Like 10 years!! And I’m only 6 years. So much better. Ding. I looked down seeing a text from Ashley. Ashley:Christian wants to meet you. Me:When? Ashley:Asap. His exact words. Me:Bring him to the studio and he can meet everyone. Ashley: alright. We’ll be there in like a couple hours. Me:Sounds Good. “So Christian is coming.” “Who’s Christian?”Simón asked. Oh damn. He doesn’t even know who he is. Alright so I know a little more. She hasn’t told him. Ok. Ok. I’m liking this. “He’s Ashley’s cousin.” “Oh right on.” Wait maybe she told him, but he’s acting like he doesn’t know. Ugh. I hate secret relationships. Fuxk it. Imma just say he doesn’t know. “So you’re going to meet her cousin here.Why Not somewhere else. Like your house?” “Oh snap we could. Let me text her back.” Me:Scratch the studio. Just have him come to the house. Ashley:Sounds Good. “Alright guys I gotta go.” “Don’t fuxk it up.”Cha Cha laughed. “Good luck. Jay.” Like I need luck. Simon still doesn’t know me. Everyone likes me.