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So been a few days, I took a bit of time to do this chapter and think it came out okay. Anyway go read, enjoy!
Chapter 4 “If you aren't going to respond to him I am!” Bree said keeping my phone in her hands. “No, I'm not gonna give in” I said making a grab for the phone. Bree’s eyes narrowed than widened and she let go of the phone. “Oh I get it! Good call! Play it hard to get and make him want you more “ she grinned. I stared at her than my phone. “Oh crap no! That is not what its about” I told her. “Oh come on Sunny! I see what your doing. If your interesting enough than -” “No Im stopping you there. I'm not interesting,  I'm average and plain and I am not getting involved with an Idol” I told her. “than ignore him” she humphed. “seriously sunny, you are no fun” Bree leaned back in her seat, her arms crossed in front of her and a pout on her face. “You look so salty” I chuckled. “We'll you have this amazing opportunity and your just going to let it go to waste “ Bree said. “But whatever it's your decision “ she added making me sigh. I looked at my phone and wondered what would be short and simple to message. “Would it make you less upset if I was friendly?” I debated out loud. “Yes, yes it would” Bree nodded. “Fine.” I said and started to type. ‘Thats cute!’ I messaged A message popped up right away ‘Ha see you can message me back’ BTSRM messaged me back. ‘Yes, I did.’ I responded. ‘So friend, what are you up to?’ BTSRM responded. ‘At lunch with Bree, what about you?’ I wrote ‘At the studio with Bo and the guys’ BTSRM responded. “So what is he saying?” Bree asked “He's at the studio with Bo and the guys” I said the last message. “He responded fast, I bet he was waiting for your response “ Bree giggled and I rolled my eyes. I set my phone down and started to focus on Bree. She talked about her latest dance cover and what was going on in her l8fe recently. When an hour went by her phone went off as she got a message. “Do you have to go?” I asked. “Yea, I have an interview for a job “ she said with a smile. “Really? What kind of job?” I asked her. “Its actually through a connection of Bo’s. I am going to be working in an office” she said. “So far that's all I know. I'm going to meet Bo now. Want to come? You know moral support?” she asked. “Office gig? I really never saw you as a cubicle girl” I chuckled
“Bo confirmed its day hours and I'll be able to do my dance group  after 6 so it works” Bree shrugged. “Im not going to be picky” she said. “Anyway you'll come?” bree asked. “Sure. Lets pay and head out” I said.   Maybe 20 minutes later Bree had us standing outside a building that looked Familiar but I couldn't place it. “There's Bo!” Bree said waving to the man dressed in a suit and his hair slicked back. “Bo?” I questioned stepping forward. “Is that you?” I poked his chest which made him grin and move my hand away from him. “Yes it's me Sunny“ He grinned. “Bree I'll be in the interview room as well, you'll come in after me though “ he said. “Okay, well good luck Bree, let me know how it goes! Fighting!” I cheered her on. Bo just stared at me. “Your leaving?” Bo questioned. “Why don't you wait inside for Bree, I'm sure you can find something to do” Bo smirked “Please Sunny” Bree asked. “Fine” I rolled my eyes. I followed the two of them inside and towards a waiting room. Bree and I made small talk, I babied her until she snapped out od her nerves and was ready to hit me.   I literally sat for 5 minutes alone before pulling out my phone. Namjoon had messaged me, several times. ‘what are you up to later?’ ‘Did you get busy?’ ‘Hmm Bo said he's meeting Bree’ The messages had come at different times but I saw a pattern. Namjoon had been talking to Bo. I was in the middle of typing when I heard a bunch of people coming down the hall. I could understand I was close to the entrance and most people would have to pass this hallway to head out. “Bro you need to get your head on straingt, thats why your bumping into everything, your not paying attention to things around you “ I heard someone say. “Someone just explain to me why Namjoon is unfocused? He's never like this” another voice said. “You need to focus Namjoon” “Fine fine I get it. I just was thinking to much.
I'll focus . . . After food”
I recognized that last voice. Namjoon. I kept my head down wanting to blend it than my freaking brain kicked in telling me it's rude to just ignore a person. “Damn me and my need to be kind” i cursed myself under my breath. The group was right there! 7 guys walking down the hall right towards me.
Damn! I wonder what he's thinking so hard about. but hmm Im curious if she'll get to meet the other guys Oh and if Bree will get the job lol.
Until Next Time! love you Fam and I'll post the next chapter soon!

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bree gets the job.... namjoon trips and falls into her.... jk lol
ahhh next next next!!!