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As most of you know I have a Pet Betta Fish!

I named this Beautiful Blue Betta Fish Happy from Fairy Tail! I had got him last year on December 9th, 2017 and its been as of tomorrow 4 weeks and I Thought of giving you an update on him!

As I show some pictures You'll see his tank and how he's doing.

Mommy takes care of me!

Before she went away for the weekend she feed me and changed my water before she left. After she came back and saw how good of a boy i was she gave me a little treat and fed me BloodWorms!

About a week ago (sorry for blurry image)

I noticed after doing a water change for him I saw he had this injury on him I thought it was food so I waited a day for it to fade away but....the next day it didn't so I looked closely and I saw he injured himself and I didn't know how or why.

I took his decal out

my mom thought of looking for something sharp in my tank so I took his tree out and cave and inspected both. nothing on his old tree but in his cave since I couldn't see i felt something sharp. and since it was dark and he coudn't see I'm pretty sure he swam right into it and didn't know it was there. but I took out the sharp part and filed it down so now he won't have anymore injuries

These are what he has

BettaSafe water conditioner and Stress Coat (not for betta's but thats what they have) I used the Stress coat for his healing and his scratch healed right up after a week since they heal ina week. Now thats the lease of my worries, now I see his top fin of his head is no longer there and when i cleaned his tank, I found it in the new tree i got him an its not even sharp so I wonder if its the stress coat taht I added to his watte rtahts causing that to happen. I plan on going to buy a betta fish stress coat instead if i see anything different but he swims fine and looks ok so i'm not too worried yet untill i see something changed.

This is his food

If you're wondering what I feed him I feed him Betta Food taht gives him daily nutrients, also I got him some bloodworms

If you're looking to buy a betta here are some tips that can help you

• Tank size : You don't want a big nor a small tank since betta fish don't like being paired with each other . Also if its a smaller tank that doesn't have a filter you'll most likely be changing out the water more often then you will if you have one wiht a Filter.
• Food: I would try to experiment with your betta to see what kind of food your betta will like. It took a while for my betta to actually eat his bloodworms since he was use to BettaFood
• Water Conditioning : I stick to things that are strictly for betta's I know that the Stress Coat isn't for betta but the store I go to was out and thats what they had. So if you're owning a betta for the first time, I would stick with water conditioning for betta's
•Tip: if you're not to sure on anything, you should talk to one of the staff members and make sure they know their stuff because they could just lie to you just for you to buy more. This personally hasn't happen to me before but I've heard stories like that (youtube basically)

I love you Otaku's so much!

I just want to say Happy New Years to everyone! Sorry for not posting right away but I was at a friends out and had drinks all around! ok no not really but we did drink on New Years lol. I also want to say sorry for not posting a lot lately
I've been really stressed and irritated for the last few weeks and its all over because of work, school and home issues. Work and School are more stressful when its near the end of the term and all finals are due, thou thats fine.

I haven't been able to relax at home since my idoit parents decided doing air b&b was a great idea and let people live in our house. My problem is that we have a spare bedroom across from my room, and we're upstairs alone together. It hurts me more that they never thought of talking to me before deciding they wanted to do. Sure its their house and their rules but I live with them and it hurs that they never thought of "Wait Christina lives with us, why don't we talk to her first" . They just keep adding on things that stupid "Don't play your music outloud when they're here" but my parents do the opposite and play their stuff that suppose to be quiet. Believe me I would tell them my feelings if I wanted to, but my mom and her boyfriend made it to where I can't say what's on my mind without them yelling or dyning me

I have fun with them every now and then but they've made me feel like i'm an embarresment, because why else would they tell me to be quiet when they have their guest here? This isnt even half of the issues I have with them but this has caused me so much stress that its really irritating.


This is probably the longest card i've ever made!

I'll keep you posted on how my fishy is doing and I'll try to post mroe cards of this year!

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