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Chen was lying on the couch at the dorm when he heard the front door slam shut. The pounding in his head, throbbed even more from the vibration of the whole house shaking.

“YA!!! Don't slam the door… My head hurts enough without everyone slamming things around!.” He yelled. He pressed his ice pack even more on his head. “Maybe I should get one for my face… I'm never doing that again. I swear…”

“Never do what again?” He heard Xiumin ask from just above his head.

Chen looked up from where he laid. Xiumin was hanging right over his head, looking straight down at him.

“I had too much to drink last night. I, ah…” Chen laughed thinking about it, “I tried to fight with someone last night. I hope the guys aren't too mad at me.”

“You tried to fight someone… what were you mad about?” Xiumin asked as he came around. He knocked the ice pack off Chen's head. Chen looked at him curiously. Then he reached down, pulling Chen up by the collar. “Let me guess, you were mad because…. Youuu can't have Nari to yourself?”

Chen swallowed hard. Chen shook his head but he saw a look in Xiumin's eyes that told him, Xiumin knows. It was of no use to lie now. He knew he was no match for Xiumin. Xiumin had picked him up over his head once, Xiumin was the strongest member, the strongest man he ever knew, other than Lu.

“I told you to stay away from her.” Xiumin growled.

“I couldn't. I tried. It was too tempting. She was too tempting.” Chen smiled.

Xiumin head butted him hard in the forehead. Chen stumbled backwards, holding his head. After a few seconds of cursing, he charged Xiumin. Xiumin brought his elbow down on Chen's back as Chen held his waist pushing him backwards. They both tumbled over the coffee table, landing on it hard, breaking it in half. Chen punched into Xiumin's sides as hard as he could. Xiumin reached up, pulled Chen's hair, and laid two strong punches to his face. Chen fell to the side, trying to crawl away. Xiumin caught him by the collar and started punching him in the side. Chen braced himself the best he could against the hits Xiumin was delivering. Then he remembered a move Baek had showed him. He whirled around and hooked an arm around Xiumin's neck, dragging him back, into a head lock and started punching Xiumin in the face. Xiumin lifted him up and threw into the couch. Chen bounced and flipped over the back, making the whole couch tilt back. He landed with a loud thump on his side.

Kai opened the front door for Suho and Chanyeol as they carried the grocery bags in. Kai froze when he heard a loud crash and then another that sounded like glass shattering, he thought someone broke in. Suho and Chanyeol dropped the bags and ran down to the living room.

“What The Hell Are You DOING?!?!!“ Suho hollered. Even Kai and Chanyeol cringed at the sound of Suho's deep booming voice.

They watched as the two men fought, rolling and tossing each other around.

Xiumin jumped on top of Chen and raised his fist to slam him a good one when he felt someone pick him up under his arms, pulling him off Chen. Then, who ever it was, restrained his arms. Xiumin tried to bust the hold. He kept his eye on Chen as he watched Suho pick Chen up. He was almost free when he heard Chanyeol yell for Kai to help him.

“Aish… I forgot how strong he is” Chanyeol said, re-tightening his grip.

Suho looked at the both of them. The unhappy look on his face growing even more, “What the hell is going on here?”

Neither one of them was saying a thing, except staring at one another like two tigers fighting over meat.

“I know why…. It's because of that Nari. Isn't it?!” Chanyeol said. He looked at Xiumin, “She's causing this trouble between the two of you, isn't she?! That little trouble maker… that whore!“ Chanyeol spit on the floor. To his surprise, Xiumin turned his attention to Chanyeol and punched him in the gut as hard as he could at such close range. Chanyeol bent over holding his stomach. “Go ahead, hit me again, I don't like that girl!”

“Don't talk about her like that. She's my woman!“ Xiumin hissed.

Chanyeol didn't see it coming until it was too late. All he felt was Chen's foot kicking him in the head knocking him over, before him and Xiumin went back at it again.

“And you!!” Xiumin yelled as he rolled on top of Chen, back handing him, “I told you to stay away from her!!”

Chen reached up grabbing Xiumin by the nose hard, making him scream and then slapped him across the face as hard as he could, leaving behind deep scratch marks across his cheek.

Suho and Kai pulled Xiumin off again. Xiumin touched his cheek and looked at the blood on his fingertips. He wanted to cry, the knot in his throat was getting bigger and harder to hold back.

“You really want her that bad?” His lips shaking as he wiped the blood away.

Chen stood up on his own. He was sorry, he didn't mean to do that. He hated himself for doing that to his Xiumin. Then he saw it, a beautiful silver tear trickle out of his eye. He remembered his dream. He wanted to go to him and tell him no but instead he ran out of the dorm.

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@EXOahjummafan okay, I'm going back to reread that. Thanks for telling me
It's in Chapter 8
Right! I can't believe he said that. Its not her fault that Chen started chasing her.
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