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So @SweetDuella posted this challege. Her my answers lol
1. How did you find B.A.P?
I was watching a Teens React episode on Youtube and they were reacting to Kpop and B.A.P was in it.
2. What was the first song you heard?
The first I heard was One Shot.
3. Do you own any merch?
Yes. I own a mask and the Rose album.
4. Who was your first bias?
The maknae Zeloo!! lol
5. Who is your current bias?
It's still Zelo lol. All the others trying to take Zelo's spot lol. I'll be loyal lmao
6. How did they become your bias?
He so cute and adorable. He so talented as well. And he so tall.
7. Who is your main bias wreaker?
Idkkk. They all bias wreakers lmao.
8. What is your favorite song and why?
My favorite song is 1004(Angel). I really love it. The music video was so sad. I cried at the end. The lyrics are so sad as well. With the rap and the vocals, everything was so perfect.
9. What is your favorite album?
My favorite album has to be Noir. All the songs on that album are so good. I love it!
10. Why do you love B.A.P?
I love them because they are so amazing and super talented. They are all so cute, adorable, and silly in their own way. They were the second group that I got into when I first into kpop and I love them so much!

Okay thats all my answers lol
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πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Love it! One shot is one for the books! Yey Zelo love! Maknae is adorable and so talented.