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Hey Otakus!


So here are the following themes for the Month Of January❀

{January 10 : Ultimate Waifu}

To make it easy for the comeback we're going simple but obviously that doesnt mean our Waifu will be! Pick the Waifu That You Just Can't Stop Loving! The Waifu That You Just Can't Get Out Of Your Head! The Ultimate Waifu That Has Changed Your Lifeu xD

{January 17 : Blue Haired Waifu}

Pretty Sure There's No Need To Explain This Theme but I Will Anyway lol Pick A Waifu That You Love That Also Happens To Have Beautiful Blue Hair! It's that simple❀

{January 24 : Innocent/Pure Waifu}

Ever Watched An Anime Where You Meet A Female Character Who Looks So Cute And Innocent? Then More Into The Show She Happens To Be So Pure And Sweet? THAT YOU JUST CANT STOP YOURSELF FROM LOVING HER SO MUCH?! Well Otakus Its Finally Time To Show Off Your Innocent/Pure Waifu❀

{January 31 : Magical Waifu}

This Theme Is Simple Really xD Pick Your Favorite Waifu That Has Awesome Magical Powers!❀

Hope You Guys Join In On The Fun! Until Next Time Otakus!❀

Otaku Tag List❀ (Ask to be Added!)

{W} :Β @whatamooyΒ 

I can't wait to start
Me either! πŸ˜„
Always ready here!
@IdolOtaku I can always count on you πŸ˜„
My waifu is a pink haired murderous psychoπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
@Pander Oh haha well i hope you make a card about her this upcoming Wednesday!
You know I got your back when it come to Waifu Wednesdays!! can't wait!!
Awesome cant wait to see your cards! πŸ˜„
add to list please. I want to participate for the 1st time
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@Jclugz25 If you have your own tag list but always make sure to tag me so that I know you made one xD