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Hi hi! So I put this out for others and thought I'd do it myself too Answering a few question. Im gonna make it 3 parts just to spread out answers I got some long answers lol.
I dont think I've actually gone and mentioned some of these things.  So over the next few days I'll be posting a few cards.

Question 1: How did you find B.A.P?   Well I haven't been a fan for a very long time, hmm about 2 or maybe 3 years now.
So my friend tiger had randomly asked me to go to an exo concert with her back then. At the time I had been out of kpop for a well
I looked up Exo to check them out on youtube then got hooked looking up groups,  I found Got7, bts, B.A.P, and exo. I fell hard down the whole again lol.
I listened non stop all night I got more and more into all the groups and all of a sudden b.a.p became my ub group lol even above bts but they were a close second. Lol That's my long story of how I found them, thank you youtube recommendations lol.

Question 2: What was thw first song I heard? Sadly I dont actually remember what song I heard first, I went through several but the one that stood out was One Shot.

Question 3
Do you own any merch?
Oh yes I do!
lol Im actually very proud to say most of my kpop stuff is B.A.P. I have 4 albums, "Carnival, Thats my Jam, Noir, Blue" then I also have several Posters, 2017 seasons gretting, the makestar photo book which i love to death. Oh playing cards, photo cards. I also bought the newest album and the makestar special edition but havent seen them in person yet. heh I sound like I have alot but I really don't.
So thats all the questions for this card (Im out of time), next one will be about my bias and bias wrecker! lol

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Woah! You have a lot of merch! That’s so awesome