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Kai looked at his hyungs cheek. Dabbing it carefully with medicine and wiping away his tears that keep dripping down.

“Don't cry, hyung. I'm sure we can sort all this out.”

Suho came walking in with their forgotten grocery bags. “I can't get Chanyeol to come back down. He's too mad right now.”

Xiumin looked at him, “Sorry.”

“What did we all agree on, Huh? Didn't we all agree to never bring those problems into our house. It's bad stuff. It's bad news. It upsets everyone. It affects the solace of our home. And… to never bring girlfriends here, if you have one.” Suho said putting the food away.

Xiumin closed his eyes, “Sorry.”

Kai sighed, wiping the tears coming out of Xiumin, “Hyung, it's done. Let's try to focus on fixing it.” he said. He covered Xiumin's scratches carefully with a bandaid, “Where did Jongdae go?”

Suho shrugged his shoulders, “I don't know… I tried to call him but he's not answering.” He gazed at Xiumin for a while, “What were you two thinking? I mean, my god… you guys tore our house apart fighting over some woman who was cheating on you.”

“It wasn't her fault.” Xiumin quietly said. He lightly touched his cheek. “As much as I liked her, I trusted… I should have let go. I should have let Jongdae go to her.”

Kai reached over and squeezed Xiumin's hand, “I'm sorry hyung, I didn't know she was that kind of woman.”

Xiumin shook his head. “It was all my fault. I should have known.” He got up and looked at the living room down below, “I need to go for a walk. I'll clean up when I get back and… I'll apologize to Chanyeol.”

Kai got up, he was worried, he didn't like how Xiumin sounded, “Hyung let me come with you.”

“No. I just want to be alone for a little bit. I'll be right back.” he smiled and left.

Kai looked at Suho.

“They'll have to work it out.” Suho said.

Xiumin walked alone. He couldn’t think of anything to think about. The one thing he should be thinking about, he didn't want to think about. His mind just wandered. He stared at the ground. He followed the path, letting it lead him away.

He don't know how far he walked before he finally fell down on a patch of grass. He laid there staring up at the cloudy sky. He knew he couldn't stop it from happening. He knew better but he had faith that she loved him and would have turned Chen away. His heart felt like it was ripping apart. He didn't want to let either of them go. They meant too much to him.

Something fluttered down and landed on his eyes. Then he felt something on his cheeks and forehead. He sat up, holding his hands out. Small snowflakes were falling. He laughed. It hadn't been cold enough for this kind of weather. He watched the snowflakes fall in his hands and melt away. He smiled and leaned back on his hands, facing his face up to the sky, letting the snow fall on him. After a while, his thoughts cleared.

He heard someone approaching him slowly. They're steps slow and soft on the grass.

“Like snow falling beautifully out of the sky. Amazing and wondrous as it may be, its not permanent. And when it is, it makes everything beautiful, like diamond dust on the ground but only for a short time.” He said to who ever it was.

Xiumin could tell by the scent of the cologne mixed with alcohol, it was Chen sitting down next to him. He looked over at him, Chen's eyes were puffy and red from crying, his bottom lip still shaking and sticking out.

“My mistake was not stepping back from my anger and talking to you about it. And not stepping aside when I saw that you had feelings for her.” Xiumin said quietly.

“I don't think I liked her as much you think.” Chen responded. “You liked her so much… I just wanted to have a piece of that. I think in a way, I didn't want you liking her more than me. And then Han came and swept you away. I felt alone. Nari was like a piece of you left behind.” Chen buried his head into arms, crying.

Xiumin scooted closer. He put his arm around Chen's shoulders. Chen wiped his face and looked at Xiumin.

Xiumin kissed him on the forehead, “I'm sorry.”

The snowed stopped.

“Let's go home.”

On the way. Chen laughed. Xiumin looked over at him.

“What's so funny?”

Chen laughed even harder, “You made it snow.”

Xiumin couldn't believe he just said that but he liked how he was laughing, he loved how Chen laughed, “You're silly sometimes”

Ooohhhhh..... (and my poor Suho has to put up with so much)