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Hello vinglers,
I do not normally take the time to write about others' work because it takes time to cite others' work, but this art is amazing. I stumbled onto this work when one of my friends posted it on facebook and felt compelled to share it.
As a millenial I love Captain Planet and as an otaku I love the earth being portraited as a character in an artistic way I appreciate.
This drawing can be found on Omegarer's facebook page (Omegarer). Omegarer is the alias of digital artist named Noppawut Boonyai based in Thailand (Noppawut). More of his work is floating around, but not this piece yet (Spyed). As I explored his involvment on I discovered he does commissions so if you like his drawings and want one for yourself you can check out his prices on (Spyed).
Thanks for your time,

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Oh wow this pic is stunning and beautiful. I love Captain Planet and we neef him now to save Earth-chan! Thanks for sharing this!
@LadyLuna Yeah, it's my new screen saver :D