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Have you ever wonder what its like to meet someone that just so happened to be coincidence?


20 year old Nana was from a small town but had bad luck with men, once she got into collage and she met her boyfriend there. He moved to Tokyo to go to an art school while she stayed at home to save up money to move to Tokyo . When she saved up and he go into the art collage he wanted, she got on the train to move, as she was finding a seat she so happened to run into a cool rocker girl that just so happens to have the same name as her, and who would've thought they become roommates.

I've never loved an anime more than I loved this.

Ok that maybe a lie but its the truth when it comes to this series I by all means love this anime! The story line fits and the artwork on the characters is amazing (well to me that is.)

Nana (Golden Time)

If you've seen Golden Time (which is also my favorite) theres a character in there named Nana as well who also looks like Rocker Nana from NANA

Nana Osaki

If you can tell already I like this Nana more than her roommate, what can I say she's my Waifu plus I know if I need someone to back me up I know she'll be on my team! Plus I love her sense of style! I use to dress like I liked punk rock look, but I could never pull it off, but its one of my favorite styles to see in anime.

I would give this show a try!

If you guys like these Genres : Comedy, Drama, Josei, Music, Shoujo, and Slice of Life then go for this series!

So whats your favorite anime?

Or whats your favorite genre to watch?

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Nana was very frustrating for me to watch. her constant back n forth with the guys.. her choosing wrong each time..blah. I wasn't all bad. i enjoyed a lot of it, but many things made me angry watching it lol.. i remember thinking i have yet to see an anime that pissed me off and made me regret seeing it thru to the end..until this anime. 😬 MC was just too frustrating
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Right! I think I was at least 20 chapters away from finishing the manga and I just couldn't take it anymore.
I'm currently watching this series called Cheer Danshi. It's really good. And my favorite anime genre is sports, but I also like a bit of comedy and some romance
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It's basically about this guy's best friend wanting to start an all Male Cheerleading group. There's a couple ups and downs obviously, but it's funny and interesting. I also like Horror and Slice of Life. I guess I should just say that I'm into every genre πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Mecha, Supernatural, Magic, etc... Even Yaoi and Yuri πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚