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So @SweetDuella made an awesome B.A.P Q&A. Here are my answers

How did you find B.A.P?

I found out about B.A.P when i discovered that Bang YongGuk who i liked and listened to when he was a solo artist was going to be in a group.

What was the first song you heard?

Their debut song Warrior.

Do you own any merch?

Yes i do. I own 8 albums 4 posters a yongguk sweater photocards and my mom bought me a B.A.P Yongguk Hoodie for my birthday, which is Friday.

Who was your first bias?


Who is your current bias?

YongGuk. Hes my UB!

How did he become your bias?

I fell in love with him instantly after following his solo career before B.A.P.

Who is your main bias wrecker?

Himchannie, Yongguks wife! BangHim forever! lmao

What is your favorite song and why?

Thats a tough one cause i like all there songs! Ill have to go with Angel 1004 and Rain Sound. The vocals and the rap in those 2 song flow so well and no lie. I cry everytime i watch them. Those songs captures your feels so bad.

What is your favorite album?

I have 2. First Sensibility and Noir.

Why do you love B.A.P?

I love B.A.P because no matter what they went through they still stuck together. They could have disbanded during their hiatus but didnt. They came back as one as a unity and now they produce the most amazing songs that touch on so many issues that people turn a blind eye. B.A.P is my heart and i will forever be a Baby!
Awe Gukky! lol thabks for sharing! i didnt know your bias wrecker was himchan.
hes always after me lol
@StefaniTre if I'm not mistaken, you were the one that help me fall for BAP more after watching them on YouTube 😁
I was. XD I made a few people fall down the rabbit hole lol