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I keep seeing more and more people answering to the Q&A and getting to know a little bit more about you all!
So Its the Bias questions up now!

3 Questions again today!

Who was your first bias?

Shocking! It was Himchan! His deep voice and looks had me hooked. Plus i found his personality my type.

Who is your bias now?

It changed around Carnival era to Daehyun. He kept grabbing my attention, until I said fine you chose me so I will love you more lol.

Who is your bias wrecker?

Freaking Zelo butts his cutie patooti butt into my life and he gets me shook almost every comeback. Lol

Thats all folks until tomorrow were I'll have the last couple questions answered! I know Im going slow about this Im doing several cards at once tonight!

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Wow! Himchan! At first I couldn't tell which one he was, and now I'm getting to know their voices when they sing 😁
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@SweetDuella So true!