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Boruto isn't even in my databanks. Might be a polarizing opinion, but I hate it. Boruto is a whiney intitled bastard, basically sasuke as a child, but not hung up on vengeance. He cheats where Naruto busted his ass, he has a FAR more annoying tick than Narutos 'tebayo, and what the hell is with them trying to make Boruto into some kind of strong character? After Naruto and Sasuke, who are GODS, after beating Kaguya, the only fucks who could be a threat is more Otsutsuki bastards like Momoshiki. And if I am hearing things right, then they're even thinking of, or already have, killed Naruto... if something could kill Naruto, then only Sasuke could stop it, but they do stupid shit to make Boruto strong enough to.
if anybody would be considered powerful out of this bunch it would be mitsuki he could honestly kill his whole class and probably teachers itachi style if he wanted to rn
let's not even get started on his Rasengan.
me and my brother fight about this every week a new episode comes out
You guys forgot Naruto has kurama in him...
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@Bmondragon93 you forgot Naruto supresses Kurama inside him with his own chakra as well
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