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Actress Kim Ha Neul will sing Big Bang’s “Blue” on Gentlemen’s Dignity. Kim who plays the role of Seo Lee Soo on SBS’s Gentlemen’s Dignity, will drink wine with Do Jin (played by Jang Dong Gun) and Jung Lok(played by Lee Jong Hyuk) and sing after getting drunk. Lee Soo sang Big Bang’s “Blue” and called it “Lee Soo’s song.” The song has addictive melodies and special lyrics ‘Cruel parting cannot be comforted by loving words or any other words.’ This song seems to speak for Lee Soo’s heartache that she received from having a crush on Tae San(played by Kim Soo Ro). The shooting took place on June 7 at the ‘Shin Poom’ shooting site in Ilsan. Kim sang Big Bang’s “Blue” in her own style and heated up the site. Kim revealed, “The melodies of this song is so addicting that I can’t help but sing along.” Not only that, Kim gave good laughs by acting drunk and singing with a fork as a microphone. In the series, Do Jin will make a loving atmosphere by sitting on the sofa and looking at her fondly. Expectations are on the rise whether the love line between the two can develop any further. The production company revealed, “Even though we spend countless days shooting overnight, Kim is showing off new charms that she has never revealed before such as dancing and singing.” Source: Starnews
me too... and oh my gosh her figure is fantabulous!
I like her no matter what....