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I'm going through drama's I feel like afterwords I wanna talk about it and I found I want to review them a little bit.
So I suppose my vingle fam you'll be seeing me talk about more drama's as I go through them!

The first well second I watched is The Bride of The Water God

This drama ended up being alot better then I thought at first. You know how theres those dramas that start off slowly or just dont click with you right away. This may have started slow but it picks up and gets good.

So the first episode is like the background of the main characters,  helpful but slow, and by the second episode it wasnt until the last 5 minutes that really hooks you. It repeated, the first 5 minutes hook, the last 15 minutes hook until by the 6th You get hooked the entire way through.

The plot of the story is So ah is the female lead who is a psychiatrist and comes across this person who keeps saying "I am the water God Habeak" and "You are my servant" so of course she finds him nuts. Well as days go by something happens to make her take him in and thats when the story picks up.

The hunt for the god stones is on!

Falling in love starts!

There is mystery.

2 romance stories going on, and a tragedy!!

There are 3 other important  characters Moo Ra, Bi Ryum, and Yoo hee.

Oh lets not forget the second male who wants So ah, it'll shock you! Lol
From left to right: Bi Ryum, Moo Ra, Habaek, So Ah, and Yoo Hee

It took about 4 days to finish the show and this was when I had a day to binge  watch lol.

Okay this probably is not a shock! Bride of the water God is a manga.
It is not like this drama!
I went into the show thinking it would be and was totally 180 degree turned around.
The manga is set back in a period time frame, the kdrama is more present tense. Cell phones, females in jeans and a job, not being an offering to the god, you know new age heh.(Im sorry I have to add that cuz ita kinda funny kinda relevant)

There are moments in episodes that go back to the water country and the past, but it doesnt stay there. The outfits are amazing and beautiful but if your looking for a full period Drama this is not it. If your looking for a replica of the book, you will discover its not quite the same.

Its like a modern era Bride of the water God! Thats probably the best way to put it.
It is worth watching and getting sucked into the DRAMA!!

Fam tag! For everything!

especially habeak is my crazy actor😆😆
i love it .even its between water god and human they end up happy..
I want to watch this drama so bad but I have to go premium on drama fever to watch it 😢
I need to finish watching it, because its like you said slow start
I haven’t finished that drama yet but I have read the books. Tbh they were too dramatic, and NOTHING like the drama so I was quite glad that they didn’t really make the drama too based off the book. Tbh in the manga I loved biryeom and Mura’s relationship better than the actual main characters. I recommend the drama, but the books weren’t quite appealing.
lol i havent read all the books so didnt even realize the personalities were so different too. the relationship between Bi Ryum and Moo Ra in the drama was a sight to see though. It was a good double romance show.