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Xiumin worried all night, he couldn't get a hold of Nari. He tried to call Jae, but she wasn't answering her phone. He figured it was because SeHun was with her but he came back after everything was settled and they were cleaning up the living room. Suho stood at the door watching them, nagging about what they broke and how they're going to replace WHAT they broke.. When he asked SeHun if Nari was with Jae, SeHun shook his head no and ran up to his room.

Chen promised he would break it off with Nari. After realizing and confessing his true feelings, he didn't feel the need to keep seeing her. He liked her but that temptation wasn't there anymore.

Xiumin knocked on Chanyeol's door again, hoping he would let him in. Just as he was going to walk away, the door opened. Baek peeked out. He looked upset.

“What did you do to him?” Baekhyun asked.

“It was a mistake. I want to apologize.” Xiumin answered.

Baekhyun was hesitant. He eyed Xiumin, not sure if he should let him in.

“I swear. I want to apologize.” Xiumin reassured him.

Baekhyun finally stepped back and let him in. When Xiumin went in, Chanyeol was lying in his bed, his long legs nearly pulled up to his chest, facing towards the wall.

“Yeol… Minseok hyung is here. Get up and face him.” Baek says slapping him on the bottom, before lying back down in his own bed. He slipped on his earbuds to give them privacy.

“He can go to hell for all I care!” Chanyeol said loudly.

“Chanyeol… I'm sorry. I really am. I was very angry…” Xiumin started.

Chanyeol jumped up off the bed and towered over Xiumin, looking down at him. “Apologize. Then you can apologize by breaking up with that girl. That's the only thing that will make me forgive you.”

Xiumin laughed, “Why do you hate her so much? I don't understand, I really don't.” he looked up at him. As big as Chanyeol is, Xiumin wasn't afraid of him.

Chanyeol looked over at Baekhyun.

Xiumin looked at Baekhyun as well. Then it hit him. He understood why.

“When…. No don't answer that. I don't want to know.” Xiumin said raising his hands.

“It was the last show, don't worry, you weren't dating her yet.” Chanyeol said right away.

“I can't be mad at her for that, much less break up with her for something that happened way before we started dating.” Xiumin said.

Chanyeol sneered, “She's been sleeping with your best friend and you're still going to see her.” He thought that would break him.

Xiumin looked away, “When the time comes, I'll deal with that with her. If she wants to go to him, then she's free to. I've been a fool…” He looked Chanyeol in the eye, “If you want to be mad at anyone, you should be mad at Baekhyun. I'm apologizing for what Jongdae and I did to you down stairs but it sounds like you're directing your anger at the wrong person.” Even though Chanyeol was stiff as a board, he hugged him tightly and left the room.

Now... to find Nari.

.... I need to read this from the beginning
Anyone else really just want Nari out of the picture??😂
I'm more thinking it will be a threesome with a very dominant Minseokie
What the actual????