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Hello~ this is my first ever card on vingle so please bear with me and read till the end. (I probably be doing them so often anyways though) So, am doing a BAP Q that sounded really really fun so wanted to give it a try The questions will be posted below so please bear with me till the end :) Enjoy~ (This will probably be long sorry about that)
-I am quite an old kpopper, I’ve known about Kpop ever since I was little, I don’t know the exact year but it was around 2006 or so. I LOVE old groups, but when the year 2012 rolled by, I have to admit, that year is my greatest year in Kpop. My ultimate bias groups are mostly from the year 2012 and some older too. Basically this is how I found BAP. I, when EXO debuted was a HUGE fan. I listened to them and was very dedicated. My older sister told me that she had found this cool band that was quite similar to EXO and so was like ‘yes’ so I checked them out with WARRIOR and darn I fell real hard. I liked their style and how cool their beat was. At that time my sister said she was learning about them more and if she knew some things she would tell me right away. The first person I ever recognized from BAP was giant maknae Zelo. Ever since my knowledge grew and have been their fan since debut. #2: WHAT WAS THE FIRST SONG YOU HEARD? WARRIOR
I said this on the last question it was their debut song WARRIOR. I really love that song. Give BAP support please~ #3: WHO WAS YOUR FIRST BIAS?
-Choi Junhong aka ZELO. He was the first member of BAP that I was able to recognize and since had still lacked knowledge on them, he was the one who became my bias. I mean he is so talented and hard working. #4: DO YOU OWN ANY MERCH? -ahh, sadly I don’t own any BAP official merch, but hope to get some soon. The only things I have are printed goodies from my good old friend printer #5: WHO IS YOUR CURRENT BIAS?
-Kim Himchan is quite talented in many ways. First of all his voice is something different from what is normally heard. Secondly, he is quite admirable. He plays different instruments and he is very caring. He is more of a role model than bias, but he has such beautiful qualities, internally and externally too. I look up to Himchan a lot #7: WHO IS YOUR MAIN BIAS WRECKER?
-Bang Yongguk. This man is the sweetest guy out there. He is such a love he needs to be protected, but please yongguk Stop rapping up my bias list, STAY IN YOUR LANE BOY. GUMMY SMILE KILLING ME INTERNALLY #8: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG AND WHY? -1004 Angel
Ever since release this song drilled a hole in my poor fan girl heart. I really love the rhythm of the song and just their voices are so angelic and the lyrics are just so powerful it blends perfectly into a wonderful song, and it truly gives me goosebumps. This song is my life it just impacts me in so many ways and brings out my emotional side, it’s plain out gorgeous and one of my favorite songs in all of Kpop. It’s truly very well made, and the only song I can sing along with and rap with since the rest of their songs the yongguk and zelo raps are too much for my jumbled mind. (I’m quite proud I can sing the whole thing) #9: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ALBUM? -So fat it will have to be NOIR That album is just gold, just like all of BAP albums, but this one is one I can’t stop listening too. Love all the songs my favorite though will have to be RIBBON IN THE SKY and FERMATA #10: WHY DO YOU LOVE BAP?
-great question. BAP are the definition of what we AP HUGgers call REBEL MUSICIANs. There music shows deep impacts on things everyday society doesn’t look at and don’t think it’s important. They address problems to our community through music to make a change. They are seriously admirable for just that! We could keep going on the list but that’s probably the main reason why I love these dorks. Of course they are also balls of sunshine but im pretty sure you get the point. Being part of this fandom with this wonderful talented band is a great honor and I hope to continue to see wonderful music from them now and in the future and keep being proud at their work. Let’s be together forever fighting! Thank you so much for reading till the end I hope you enjoyed my first ever card and I hope I did good on it and not bore you off. Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy your day or night
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you so
for letting me do this) @SweetDuella
Omgosh you've been a fan since the begining! that is awesome! your answers were so in depth and touching, Love it! Thank you for sharing your story on how you got into B.A.P. 💜💜🐼💜💜
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