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Hola Hola Everyone, It's Me Again [insert eye emojis]

I've Been Struggling to Figure Out What I Wanted To Write, So For The Time Being.. Why Not A "BTS As Your Boyfriend" mini series (bc im original).
i actually wrote this some time ago, but it was horrible :-----)

So Today, I'll Start With Our Favorite Mochi Boi Park Jimin
a/n: this is only for fun & my own opinion~ also, I'll keep this as gender neutral as possible
~♡: Interlocking W/ His Adorable Smol Hands (don't call them smol in front of him tho *triggered*)
~♡: Lowkey Happy He's Found Someone Who's Actually Shorter Than Him:
Jimin [Stares]:
Y/N: Is Something Wrong...?
Jimin [Smirks]: Nothing, Just Wondering How's The Weather Down There-
Y/N: Don't Start
~♡: Constantly Being A Cheeky Lil Sht (& he knows it)
~♡: Beautiful Mochi Smile & Soft Laugh 25/8-
~♡: Bragging To His Members About How Much He Loves You - As Well As How Lucky His Is:
Jimin: Can u Believe I Ended Up With Someone Like Y/N?
~♡: Sends Selcas To Help Boost Your Busy, Stressful Day
~♡: Going To Your Local Cafe For Dates
~♡: Occasional Shy Jimin
~♡: Main Pet Name For You - "자기야"
~♡: At The End Of The Day, He'll Remind You Of How Much He Loves You

jsjsbsskk Sry For Making This So Short, But I Hope U All Enjoyed :-)

& Make Sure To Look Out For Other Members [wink wonk]
♡~Beautiful People~♡: @warning @Changkyunie
I definitely needed this today 😁
aww, im glad :-)
please tag me!!!! this was a nice card to see when i wasnt feeling good.
will do! im glad it made u feel better <3