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Alright my lovely Vingle Family! Hi hi!
So lately I got back into kdramas!
Im kinda excited about writing reviews for dramas lol.
But I just came across something!

Where did the K-drama community go?

I was trying to find out what tag people are posting under and where kdrama cards are and not sure.
So Im asking my fam, What tag should K drama's go under?

Im gonna tag under all the options but please let me know which is the main one.
Also i know I Have a mini list of dramas to watch from when I asked for drama help but going to ask, is there any dramas people recomend to be watched and reviewed? So far there is 5 on the list to watch

Fam tag! For everything!

Definitely K-Drama if you put it in interests
I use to be the moderator of the k drama community... lol #Kdramas #KoreanTv #KoreanStars # Asian Stars #K_Dramas #Korean_Television #Korean_Tv #KDramas
I'm currently watching Hwayugi, I highly recommend it
I recommend to watch CHIEF KIM it’s so hilarious and it’s very very good 5/5 stars I also recommend -Goblin -suspicious Partner -Tomorrow with you There is more but I just don’t remember them
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Omg I also watched goblin when it was still airing it was so good! Please do check them out I recommend 100%
@VeronicaArtino oh thank you! Its been awhile since I've seen posts from you. Hope everything is going okay with you 💜💜
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