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Hello loves~

For this week Bangtan's Army Team is bringing you BTS nicknames! So pretty much what nicknames our boys have

So without further ado here are the many nicknames of Park Jimin ♡

Let's get started!

1. Jiminnie

This nickname was given to him by Suga, Jimin still isn't sure why but he goes with it xD

2. Dooly

When Jimin puffs his cheeks out many have said he resembles cartoon character Dooly ^.^

3. Chim Chim

This nickname was given to Jimin on BTS reality show American Hustle Life by one of their teachers Tony

4. Mochi

This nickname was given to Jimin because of how cute he is, especially when he pouts.

5. Mang gae ddeok

it's basically a really soft rice cake, because fans think Jimin is as squishy as manggaeddeok T.T

Honorble Mentions!

딴지 (ddan-ji): from the word 장딴지 (jang-ddan-ji) which means calf/calves. I've seen this being used when he is wearing shorts and his calves' muscles are shown 빵떡 (bbang-ddeok): bread + rice cake, I don't think this food exist for real, but it just means something really squishy
베이글남 (be-i-geul-nam): Its composed of baby face + glamour + man. So its a man with baby face but glamourous body. 박뿡 (pak-bboong): Its a random word he wrote on the "self written profile" from BTS Festa 2016, his name + bboong 지민이 똥개애 (Jiminnie ddong-gae-ae): "jiminnie mutt" on a V app live they were celebrating Hobi's birthday and playing a game, this was the name of Jimin's cart on the game 찌민 (jji-min): From 찢다 (jjit-da) that means "to rip", so "ripmin" (??). He started being called like this when he and rapmon ripped his shirt on a performance of the concept trailer 3분33초 (sam-boon sam-ship-sam-cho): 3min 33seg, its a reference do FIRE mv, where at 3m33s there's the dancebreak, he got this nickname cause he totally slay that dancebreak 모찌섹시 (mo-jji sek-shi): "Sexy mochi", mochi is a squishy rice cake. Rapmon gave Jimin this nickname 주황머리 걔 (joo-hwang-meo-ri gye): "Orange haired guy" he gained this nickname after he got a lot of attention when they covered Perfect Man, so it seems like people were searching to see who the "orange haired guy" was. (Fairy) Namjoon called Jimin a fairy on V app because of his kind gesture but Jimin is known for his kindness, so as of recent he has been called Fairy.

My nickname for Jimin:


I noticed myself calling him that after 3 years of being an ARMY. Any time I'd see him being his adorable self (which is pretty much all the time) I would think "aweee my adorable puppy" ♥

It doesn't help that he has the most adorable puppy dog eyes T.T

And that concludes this card it was a little more lengthy than usual but I hope you all enjoyed it! ♡

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Wow! Lots of nicknames 😁
I sometimes call the members pandas because I love pandas as much as I love bts
Hahaha awwww that's so cute!!! 😊💙