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I've watched the MV once so here is my initial reaction ^^~

1. Like I said, I listened to it once but the chorus is already super stuck in my head
2. I have to admit, I kept waiting for Hoya's rap part. Each member has such a unique voice and my mind is trained to hear all 7 of them but not this time :/
3. I thought the music was a little loud and distracted from the voices (but tbh its probably because i just really love their voices and am still waiting on a accapella album lol)
4. The styling and colors are so niiiiiice
5. Sunggyu's voice keeps getting better and better and better
6. Moody Sungyeol and Myungsoo acting ftw


I loved it. I’ve watched it like 15 times trying to determine my new bias since Hoya is gone. I still haven’t decided.
I really liked the chorus "luv luv luv"
I really like the dance! I hope they make a performance/dance practice video 😁 and I also think that the directing of the mv was really good!
I totally wasn't a fan. I want more of a sound similar to The Eye :(