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First off, never ever ever use the word ret*rd for any one in any circumstance. That's just shitty.

ACHILLO is a rookie rapper fromStarship Entertainment that recently debuted in a youth hip-hop trio named OGZ. 

He's the one with the glasses:
Even though they only recently debuted, he's caught in a scandal because of a past Facebook post. He criticizes Dynamic Duo Gaeko's collaboration with RM saying~ "The Rap God has met with the Rap Retard... How will it be lol I'm only going to listen to Gaeko's verse."
Instead of apologizing, he harrassed the person who posted the screenshot on Facebook messenger (this is a translation of his messages)

I understand that the post was old but his messages are not and this little boy needs to RELAX before he ruins his career. I'm sure RM doesn't care whatsoever.

Also, I know Namjoon changed his stage name to RM but I can't be the only one who still considers him RapMon right? Whenever I see RM I subconsciously think RapMonster haha
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@jessicaclove I totally understand lol
ok. First of all, you just debuted (barely) and you're already talking shit? rookie mistake. Second of all, how dare you talk shit about RM. he's been in this from waaay back. RM is not the one to go after, he's gone through hard work to get to where he is and accomplished so much and he's just getting started.
hmmmm... I stay away from the critics... mostly because I'm a very neutral person. I give credit where credit is due and shut my mouth when its not... but hey... no idea who the 12year old looking kid is... I won't say he has no talent but to criticise Rapmon... shows my hes an immature punk who is simply not worth my time If you can't respect the musicians before you then you don't deserve to be there... everyone has their tastes in music.. I'm not one for hard rock... but I respect those that can play it and those that enjoy it... Sounds to me more like a jealous kid throwing his toys out his Cot because he isnt up there and all that... ...mah moving on with my life...
He's like just a pretty package and then you open it to discover that is actually poop. No one is making him like RM but I think he could've phrased his words in a better way. Run off to your mother little boy you're not ready for the adult world.
I really hope he doesn't bring the other two boys down with him when he crashes his ship. I think they really do have some promise and I'd hate to see the other two suffer for this kids immaturity
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I mean, they're 12 years olds in the rap game (a genre that feeds off of diss tracks and claiming youre the best) so I know they're going to make mistakes but daaaaaang this is a big one >:( i hope they dont suffer too hard :/
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