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Nari jumped out of bed. Finally realizing she didn't have her phone. But then, she really didn't want to talk to Xiumin right now, or Chen for that matter. She counted it as a sign and went to get a drink of water. She walked into the kitchen and quietly looked through the cupboards for a cup. When she opened the fridge, she happen to see a few photos on the fridge door. It made her smile. A couple were of Jae and SeHun. One was backstage, he was holding the camera high above himself with Jae in the background. She wasn't even looking at the camera, she was busy working, it looked like he was taking a pic without her knowing it. Written across his chest was '스토커’. The other was of them standing on a balcony overlooking a city, Jae was kissing him on the neck. Written across his chest still was ‘스토커’ but across Jae was written ‘사랑’. She recognized a building in the background and realized it was Beijing. The other photo she saw, was of her and Jae when they went on that photo shoot almost a year ago. And then another of them at another location on a boat. Nari remembered that. Those were good times. How fast things move over a year… or even a couple months. Then there was one photo of the group. All sitting together at a theater. In the back, she could see Xiumin and Chen. Chen had his arms around Xiumin while Xiumin leaned his head back on his shoulder, giving the camera a peace sign. She stared at them for a long time. It scared her to think she could be pregnant, and it scared her that it's going to tear them apart. She slammed the fridge door shut. Something fell over inside and broke. “What happen?” Jae asked, she was squinting from the light of the fridge. “I'm sorry. I didn't realize I swung it so hard.” Jae flipped the light on. “It's okay. I do that sometimes. Want some coffee?” “Coffee? Unnie, it's the middle of the night.” Jae pointed at the window, “No it's not. It's morning.” Nari's stomach turned. It cramped and went sour. Jae looked down at her, “Are you ready to do this?” Nari held back the vomit that was already rising and nodded yes. Jae helped her up and they went to Nari's room. “Don't be nervous… relax. You're making ME nervous.” Jae said watching Nari pace back and forth. “Why is it taking so long!?” Jae looked at her phone, “it's only been 3 minutes, just a couple more. So have you thought about what your going to do, you know, if you are?” Nari stopped. “Not really. I guess I'll know when I find out.” She felt herself get dizzy and nauseous. She sat down on the floor. “I don't want a baby. They're cute and every thing but it's not for me. I had a puppy once, I couldn't even remember to feed it and it starved to death. I was so dumb, I couldn't figure out WHY it died. How am I going to take care of a baby? And then the father… who's the father? Minseok, Jongdae… I don't want to think about what's going to happen when I sit down with them to tell them, much less admit that I don't know which one is the responsible.” She flopped over and curled up. Jae kneeled behind her and rubbed her back. The alarm went off. Nari looked up at Jae. “I can't, I'm too scared… Will you please…” Jae nodded and went to the bathroom. She came back holding the little stick, looking at it then to the box. She looked up at Nari. Nari sat up and waited to hear it. “Lee Na Ri… next time, make sure you use birth control so you won't be going through this again.” Jae said tossing the stick to her, “You're not pregnant.” Nari caught it and felt relieved. She started to cry. Jae looked at her funny, “Now what? Are you that relieved?” Nari nodded happily. “Well don't feel relief yet. You still need to go back and talk with them both. Obviously this is making you feel uneasy, your conscious is trying to tell you something. You may love them both and want to keep them both but they may not want that. You may have to choose.” Jae looked at her phone, it was Minseok again. After it stopped ringing, a text came through: “I know Nari is there. SeHun told me after I sat on his head. If you want to see this kid again, we can make a trade. My girlfriend for your boyfriend. What you say noona?” Jae shook her head and text back, “Meet me at the Animal Park, we'll make the trade there.” She looked at Nari, “Dongsaeng… let's go eat.”
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